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Image for 2024 Vauxhall Movano - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Vauxhall Movano - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Vauxhall Movano - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Vauxhall Movano - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Vauxhall Movano - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2024 Vauxhall Movano

Ready for the heavy duties of working life that lie ahead – that’s the new Vauxhall Movano. With its diverse range of body styles, up to 17m3 of cargo volume and a payload of up to two tonnes, the largest light commercial vehicle (LCV) from the British brand has always been impressive.

The new Movano retains all of the class-leading qualities and adds new ones on top, such as advanced driver assistance systems that enable level 2 automated driving for the first time. Above all, with the locally emissions-free new Movano Electric, Vauxhall continues its electrification strategy – with higher power and a longer driving range. The new electric transporter is powered by an especially strong electric motor with 200 kW/270 PS and 400 Newton metres of torque. Thanks to the new 110 kWh† battery, the new Movano Electric can cover up to 261 miles (WLTP) without a charging stop, making it a capable, reliable partner, even on longer journeys. Additional versatility is provided by the new optional 230V dashboard socket that enables electrical devices to be powered or recharged.

In the interior, the focus is on connectivity, ergonomics and comfort. The redesigned cockpit offers infotainment systems with up to 10-inch colour touchscreens. Wireless smartphone charging is possible, as is keyless entry and start. An optional versatile ‘Eat & Work’ bench seat can also be used as a work surface. The Movano underlines its new, modern and future-oriented character when viewed from the outside, featuring a refreshed design at the front and rear that is typical of the brand, as well as optional LED headlights.

New Movano Electric: Up to 261 miles of range (WLTP1) and 150 kW fast charging

The new Vauxhall Movano offers the appropriate drivetrain for every user-profile. As the locally emissions-free Movano Electric it sets standards, from the motor to the battery. While the electric motor in the Movano previously had an output of 90 kW/122PS, the new one now produces 200 kW/270PS. The maximum torque available from the first squeeze of the accelerator has increased from 260 to 400 Newton metres – this means that the Movano Electric can accelerate strongly from a standstill even when fully laden, and can cover distances quickly at speeds up to 80mph. The previous 75 kWh battery has been replaced by a 110 kWh† battery that enables a driving range of up 261 miles (WLTP). Movano Electric drivers can therefore travel up 105 miles further than before on one charge of the battery.

Depending on preferences, drivers of the Movano Electric can choose from three driving modes to make optimal use of the performance and range: Normal (limited to 160 kW power output), Eco for range optimisation (120 kW) and Power for maximum performance (200 kW). Drivers can also set four levels of recuperation under braking using paddles behind the steering wheel.

The new Movano Electric is equipped as standard with a three-phase 11 kW onboard charger for AC charging. It is also the first Vauxhall to offer the option of charging with up to 150 kW DC. At a public fast charging station, it only takes 55 minutes to recharge to 80 per cent of the battery capacity.

Additional practicality is provided by the new, optional 230V socket. It helps to easily charge electric devices such as laptops, electric tool batteries, tablets and other low power appliances that require electricity up to 150 Watts. The socket is positioned conveniently on the dashboard in a central place and is easily accessible for front seat occupants.

Class-leading choice: Battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell or diesel

The new Vauxhall Movano also plays a pioneering role with another drivetrain alternative: in 2024, Vauxhall’s largest LCV will be available for the first time as the Movano HYDROGEN for those who want to travel long distances locally emissions-free and also need to refuel quickly. The innovative hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will offer a range of up to 311 miles (WLTP) and can be refuelled with hydrogen in only around five minutes. Orders for HYDROGEN versions will open in Q4 of next year, with customer deliveries expected in early 2025.

A wide range of highly efficient turbo-diesel units completes the drivetrain line-up. The engines offer outputs from 103 kW/140 PS to 132 kW/180 PS and – depending on the version – can be combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Together with aerodynamic improvements to the body, the drivetrains reduce fuel consumption by up to nine per cent compared to the previous engines, which also makes the Movano a top player in the segment in terms of fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Pioneer: New assistance systems enable level 2 automated driving

The new Movano also displays pioneering achievements among the numerous driver assistance systems. The electric power steering automatically adjusts the assistance to the speed of the vehicle. This increases driving comfort at higher speeds and makes manoeuvring in the city more comfortable. The electric parking brake is activated via a switch on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

In addition to traffic sign recognition, forward collision alert with emergency braking and side blind-spot alert, there are now new systems such as drowsiness alert, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control with “Stop & Go” function, 360-degree parking sensors, parking assist and a digital rear view mirror that further improves all-round visibility. A total of 22 assistance systems and electronic helpers make driving and manoeuvring easier.

The combination of adaptive cruise control with “Stop & Go” function, lane keep assist and traffic jam assist enables the Movano to steer, brake and accelerate itself at speeds up to 18mph - for example in slow traffic – provided that the driver’s hands remain on the steering wheel. This means that automated driving at level two is possible with the new Movano for the first time in its successful career.

Connected, organised, versatile: New state-of-the-art Movano cockpit

Movano drivers can now work in a state-of-the-art, versatile and at the same time comfortable environment. The cockpit of Vauxhall's largest LCV has been comprehensively redesigned, making it more ergonomic and, above all, more connected. As standard on Electric versions and as an option on diesel versions, the most important information can now be displayed in a fully digital, configurable seven-inch colour driver information centre. A 3D map from the navigation system can also be displayed there.

The new infotainment and navigation system can be easily operated via the 10-inch colour touchscreen located centrally at the top of the centre console. Compatible smartphones connect wirelessly to the infotainment system via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Navigation is possible using TomTom® navigation maps in 3D. The most important functions can be controlled via natural speech recognition. Particularly practical for delivery services and professionals who often have to use a mobile phone at work is a shelf in the centre console for charging smartphones inductively.

Versatility is a highlight of the new Movano, not only in the variety of variants and the range of cargo-carrying options, but also in the interior. The optional ‘Eat & Work’ bench-seat turns the cockpit into an ergonomic control centre. In just a few simple steps, the seat next to the driver can be transformed into a movable, practical work surface, e.g. for a laptop, turning the Movano into a mobile office. Alternatively, the seat can be converted into a small table with a cup holder – ideal when the time comes for a short break. And with the keyless locking and starting system (‘Keyless Entry & Go’), the driver no longer even needs to take the key out of his pocket to open, start or lock the Movano.

Ready for everything: Unrivalled variety of body style options

The new Movano also scores points with its wide range of body styles. Three vehicle lengths, two wheelbases and three heights, as well as panel van, chassis Doublecab, platform and back to back versions allow countless configuration options to suit the respective user-profile.

At the same time, Vauxhall’s largest LCV makes no compromises in terms of payload or cargo volume. The Movano Electric can carry a payload of up to 1,385 kg, and the diesel version can carry up to two tonnes. Thanks to the practical underbody location of the battery, the cargo volume of up to 17m3 is fully retained. The Movano Electric is also suitable for numerous conversions. The new Movano, Movano Electric and, in the future, the Movano HYDROGEN, will become ideal, highly efficient and resource-saving partners for heavy duties.

Prices for the New Movano (L2H2 Panel Van) start at £32,025 (exc. VAT), while the Movano Electric (L3H2 Panel Van) will be available from £50,385 (exc. VAT) – a saving of £12,350 compared to the outgoing model, despite the additional benefits of the new electric powertrain, upgraded interior and new advanced driver assist systems.

Sales of the New Movano and Movano Electric are scheduled to start by the end of this year, with full specification and pricing details for the full line-up to be announced close to when orders open.


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