2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60

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Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2024 BMW i5 M Performance Parts M60

More dynamic than ever, featuring a wealth of digital innovations and, for the first time ever, available fully electric - this is the new BMW 5-Series. In the form of the all-electric BMW i5, the latest edition of the celebrated BMW 5-Series takes the lead on the road to sustainable premium mobility. The eighth generation of the BMW 5-Series continues to stand for advanced technology combined with sporty, elegant design, and the performance and comfort only a BMW can deliver.

The global market launch of the new BMW 5-Series will begin in October 2023. The new generation will be offered worldwide with an allelectric drivetrain, while the flexible architecture also accommodates highly efficient internal combustion engines with 48-volt mild hybrid technology and, coming to the US in 2024, plug-in hybrid system.

The segment benchmark continues a long success story

The success story of the BMW 5-Series dates back to 1972, when the first generation of the sporty and elegant four-door sedan was presented. Since then, the worldwide popularity of the BMW 5-Series has steadily increased. With its unmistakable combination of dynamic performance and high level of long-distance comfort, it became the epitome of the business sedan. By the spring of 2023, more than ten million BMW 5-Series had been produced.

Traditional production site celebrates anniversary

Like all previous generations, the new BMW 5-Series is manufactured at Plant Dingolfing, BMW's largest European plant, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 1973, the first vehicle manufactured at this location was a first-generation E12 5-Series. Today, the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing is not only the lead plant for BMW's luxury class vehicles, but also the location of the company's e-drive production competence center, which produces both the electric motors and the highvoltage batteries for the BMW i5 on site.

Sporty, elegant sedan at the heart of the brand portfolio

The exterior design of the new generation reinterprets the sporty elegance of a BMW 5-Series in the brand's current design language. With its distinctive appearance, the new BMW 5-Series is right at the center of the brand's portfolio of four-door models - more present and elegant than the 3-Series, more dynamic and sporty than the 7-Series.

The heightened presence of the new BMW 5-Series is underscored by the athletic proportions and the larger exterior dimensions compared to the previous generation. The new model has grown in length by 3.4 inches to 199.2, in width by 1.3 inches to 74.8 and in height by 1.4 inches to 59.6. The wheelbase has been increased by 0.8 inches to 117.9 and improves seating comfort, especially in the rear.

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Modern front design with nearly vertical daytime driving light icons and optional illuminated BMW kidney grille

The front view of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan is characterised by a modern interpretation of the brand's signature twin headlights and BMW kidney grille. The LED headlights show the traditional four-lamp face in a modern, minimalist form. Two nearly vertical LED elements positioned towards the outside function as daytime running lights and turn signals.

The BMW kidney grille, stylistically inspired by the so-called "Sharknose" of early 5-Series generations and projecting far forward, functions as the visual center at the front. All the lines of the front apron and the long hood, which connects directly to the kidney grille frame, run towards the front fascia. With its wide surround and optional illuminated contour line, the BMW kidney grille gives the front view a distinctively sporty appeal.

Sporty silhouette and dynamically stretched proportions

The clear and simplified design language is also expressed in the side view of the new BMW 5-Series. Its dynamically elongated proportions, long hood, and almost upright BMW kidney grille are clearly visible from this perspective. The sporty character of the three-box design is also expressed in the steeply sloping A-pillar, the gently flowing roof line towards the rear, and the gradually sloping trunk line.

The side section has a pronounced athletic look thanks to a high shoulder line, powerfully modelled surfaces, and two distinct character lines. Black side skirts provide a graphic contrast to the rest of the bodywork, visually slimming the vehicle in profile. The door handles are flush with the surrounding surfaces. The Hofmeister kink is elegantly highlighted by a graphic element with the number '5' embossed on the side window surround.

Powerful rear end with expressively designed lighting

At the transition to the rear, the shoulder and roof lines flow harmoniously into the contours of the lights. where horizontal lines emphasise the width and solid stature of the rear view.

The flat rear lights interpret the brand's hallmark L-shaped lights with modern appeal. Inside, four narrow LED strips aligned horizontally handle lighting functions. They are divided by an Lshaped chrome strip.

Wide range of paintwork, BMW i5 M60 xDrive and M Sport Package with specific design features

The range of exterior paint colors includes one solid finish. nine metallic finishes, and three BMW Individual paint finishes including two expressive Frozen paint finishes.

Individual design features give the BMW i5 M60 xDrive a striking look, which emphasise its dynamic performance. A front apron with black surfaces at its center and large air intakes, a grille featuring horizontal slats and M logo, side skirts and exterior mirror caps finished in high-gloss black, 19-inch M light alloy wheels and a rear apron with a pronounced diffuser insert signal the M Performance model's sporty character.

The M Sport Package is optionally available for all other model variants, and highlights 5-Series' athleticism. It also includes M specific design features, most notably the large air intakes at the front, flared side skirts and window trim in high-gloss black and a rear apron with diffuser insert, as well as 19-inch M light alloy wheels.

The available M Sport Professional package, optional on all 5-Series models, adds the illuminated BMW kidney grille framed in high-gloss black, M Shadowline headlghts, a discreet rear spoiler, and Extended Shadowline trim. Specifying the M Sport Professional package also allows the option of red calipers for the M Sport brakes.

Interior and Equipment. Driving pleasure and travel comfort combined with innovative flair

The new BMW 5-Series offers ideal conditions for enjoying BMW driving pleasure in everyday traffic and a high level of comfort on long-distance journeys. Generous space, modern functionality, a high level of acoustic comfort as well as high-quality materials, fine workmanship, and advanced digital services characterize the ambience in the interior. The clear and modern design of the interior, sporty flair and innovative equipment features, designed to optimize travelling comfort, underline the vehicle's character as a dynamic business sedan for the digital age.

The fully digital BMW Curved Display, which reinterprets the brand's typical orientation towards the driver, represents the heart of the interior redesign. Other innovations include the BMW Interaction Bar with ambient lighting in the instrument panel and door area (standard on i5 models, optional on 530i and 530i xDrive), My Modes for a customizable driving and interior experience, and the new gear selector switch on the center console control panel. With the significantly expanded level of standard equipment compared to the predecessor model and a new structure in the range of options, comfort and individuality are raised to a higher level.

Fully digital BMW Curved Display with new graphic display and optimized touch operation thanks to BMW Operating System 8.5 with QuickSelect

With its frameless glass surface slightly inclined towards the driver, the BMW Curved Display consists of a 12.3-inch Information Display behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch Control Display, which merge into a single fully digital and highresolution unit. The BMW Curved Display is the central component of the multi-sensory BMW iDrive experience, which in its latest generation based on BMW Operating System 8.5 also offers a new graphic display with a clear start screen and QuickSelect access for simple and intuitive touch operation.

The control system is designed to be operated primarily by means of the touch screen and natural language, but also includes steering wheel buttons and the BMW iDrive Controller on the center console. The BMW Head-Up Display and BMW Natural Interaction for controlling functions using gestures are available as optional equipment. The advances in digitalization that accompany the development of the BMW iDrive make it possible to significantly reduce the number of buttons, knobs and controls used in the cockpit. They continue to be used where they are the ideal solution for fast and intuitive operation.

The new BMW Operating System 8.5 start screen permanently shows the map view of the navigation system or other individually configurable displays. On the same level, vertically arranged widgets are available on the driver's side of the BMW Control Display. Users can switch between the widgets by swiping vertically. To display different content, horizontal swiping is also possible within some widgets, for example in the "My Vehicle" area.

The corresponding functions can be called up directly with QuickSelect without switching to a submenu. Once the settings have been made, it is sufficient to tap the Home symbol at the bottom of the display to return to the start screen. In addition to the Home symbol, there are now also the symbols for direct access to the climate control menu, the All Apps menu, Navigation as well as Media, Communication, and Apple CarPlay ® and Android Auto ™.

In addition, BMW Operating System 8.5 in the new BMW 5-Series offers a wider range of digital content for information and entertainment, faster update cycles for functions, improved information on charging points for electric vehicles and optimized access to many specific online services. A broad range of video streaming is possible on the Control Display, as is an innovative form of in-car gaming presented for the first time in the new BMW 5-Series with the AirConsole platform.

In-car gaming with AirConsole premieres in the new BMW 5-Series

In a cooperation with the gaming platform AirConsole, BMW presents a new and unique form of in-car gaming in the new BMW 5-Series. Driver and passengers can play casual games while the vehicle is stationary, for example to occupy waiting times while charging the high-voltage battery of the BMW i5.

Setting up the gaming experience with AirConsole is seamless. Players only need their smartphone, which acts as a controller, and the BMW Curved Display. After launching the AirConsole app in the vehicle, the connection between the smartphone and the vehicle can be established by scanning a QR code on the Curved Display. The players can then start playing right away.

AirConsole technology enables instant delivery of games over-the-air and players can control them via their smartphones. Thanks to this unique configuration, several players can take part in the in-car gaming fun at the same time, even passengers in the rear. It is possible to play solo or with all passengers in the vehicle, either together or in competition mode.

So-called casual games are offered, which are characterized by being easily accessible and providing intuitive gameplay control. The selection available for the market launch of the new BMW 5-Series includes racing, sports, and quiz games as well as simulation, strategy, jump-and-run and puzzle games. The 20 or so titles that can be played right from the start include "Go Kart Go", "Golazo", "Music Guess" and "Overcooked". The portfolio of available games is being continuously expanded.

BMW Interaction Bar with touch function and lighting effects

The BMW Interaction Bar combines modern functionality and fascinating design. It was first presented in the new BMW 7-Series and is now standard in the BMW i5 models and available as an option in the new BMW 530i and 530i xDrive. The striking backlit functional unit with crystalline surface structure extends below the trim strip across the entire width of the instrument panel for into the door panels and includes touch-sensitive control panels for controlling ventilation and air conditioning and for activating the hazard warning lights. The BMW Interaction Bar's lighting design follows the colors of the selected My Modes, or can be customized.

Available fully leather-free interior

The seats in the new BMW 5-Series Sedan have been redesigned for a noticeable increase in comfort and optimal adjustment. Sport seats are standard equipment. Multi-contour seats are standard on i5 M60 xDrive and optional on other models.

The backrests of the outer rear seats extend far into the door areas, especially in the shoulder area, increasing seating comfort in back. The flowing transition between the instrument panel at the front and the backrests in the rear to the door panels harmoniously encloses the entire passenger compartment. The folding rear seat backrest is split 40:20:40. The three elements can be folded down individually or together to create additional space for long pieces of cargo. The luggage compartment of the new BMW i5 offers 17.3 cubic feet of storage, while the 530i and 530i xDrive each provide 18.4 cubic feet.

Tthe new BMW 5-Series may be fitted with a fully leather-free interior. Leather-like, perforated Veganza is used on the seats as well as the dashboard and door panels and, for the first time, the steering wheel. Extended Merino leather upholstery in several bicolor variants remains an option.

The M Sport Package for the new BMW 5-Series includes exclusive seat surfaces in Veganza/Alcantara finish with unique perforation in the shoulder area and translucent accents in red and blue. M pedals, an M driver's footrest, and M-specific displays on the Information Display add to the sporty environment.

Climate control with almost invisible vents, heat pump technology in the BMW i5

The standard equipment of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan includes automatic air conditioning with an extended range of features and advanced control logic. In the instrument panel area, seam vents are used instead of conventional air vents and are positioned at the height of the BMW Interaction Bar. The direction of the air coming out of the vents can be varied by means of adjusting control levers. In addition, air conditioning and ventilation are controlled via the touch function on the control display.

Fixed panoramic glass roof with significantly enlarged viewing area

A panoramic Sky Lounge roof can be ordered in place of the standard slid-and-tilt moonroof for the first time in any BMW 5-Series sedan. It is designed as a fixed structural module, and connects almost the entire roof surface; extending uninterrupted from just behind the windscreen to almost the rear window. With a length of 33 inches and a width of 32 inches, the viewing area is almost 90 percent larger than that of the standard tilt-and-slide moonroof. This creates a generously light-flooded atmosphere in the interior. If required, an interior sunblind can provide shading of the interior.

Drive and charging technology. Dazzling performance and outstanding effiiciency

A flexibly designed drive architecture that was open to different technologies from the outset enables the new BMW 5-Series Sedan to be offered for the first time both as an all-electric model and with highly efficient internal combustion engines. This global strategy ensures that customers around the world are offered a choice of models tailored to their individual needs, as well as to the infrastructure conditions and legal framework of their region.

The electric motors developed by BMW are characterised by impressively high power density and efficiency. They work according to the principle of a current-excited synchronous machine. This makes it possible to completely dispense with the critical raw materials from the rare earth metal sector required for magnetic components when manufacturing the rotor. At market launch, the all-electric BMW i5 will be available in two model variants. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive performance model is positioned at the top of the 5-Series range. Like the BMW i5 eDrive40, it is equipped with extensively enhanced fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology.

BMW i5 eDrive40: Advanced BMW eDrive technology, traditional rear-wheel drive

The electric motor of the BMW i5 eDrive40, located at the rear axle, generates a maximum power outbput of 335 hp and maximum torque of 295 lb-ft, or 317 lb-ft when the Sport Boost or Lanch Control function is activated.

The sprint from 0-60 mph requires only 5.7 seconds. The maximum speed of the BMW i5 eDrive40 is electronically limited to 120 mph.

BMW i5 M60 xDrive: All-electric driving pleasure at the top of the model range

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive sits at the top of the 5-Series range and combines a 590 hp electric drivetrain with hallmark M peformance characteristics and specific design features.

Two highly integrated drive units on the front and rear axles, in which the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission are compactly combined in a common housing, form an electric all-wheel drive system that enables the BMW i5 M60 xDrive to deliver captivating dynamic performance. The electric motor acting on the rear wheels generates a maximum power output of 335 hp, while the motor at the front axle produces 257 hp. The total system torque generated by both motors is 549 lb-ft, or 605 lb-ft when M Sport Boost or the M Launch Control function is activated.

This power enables the new BMW i5 M60 to accelerate from 0-60 mph in an explosive 3.7 seconds, and the power is delivered continuously as speeds increase. The maximum speed of the BMW i5 M60 xDrive is electronically limited 143 mph when equipped with performance tires (130 mph with all-season tires).

In order to activate full drive power on demand, the BMW i5 M60 xDrive and i5 eDrive40 (when equipped with the optional M Sport package) feature a shift paddle marked "Boost" near the left steering wheel spoke. If the paddle is pulled for more than 0.8 seconds, a Sport Boost indicator appears on the Information Display. It indicates that a high level of power is being requested by the accelerator pedal which then triggers maximum acceleration. At the same time, the Iconic Sounds Electric sound changes to SPORT.

In conjunction with the M Sport Package Pro, the Launch Control function standard on the i5 M60 xDrive is also available for the i5 eDrive40. Extremely dynamic acceleration from standstill is enabled via precise coordination of the drive and traction control systems.

High-voltage battery with compact design and high energy content

Like the drive units, the high-voltage battery used in each BMW i5 model is also derived from the latest fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. It is composed of four modules with 72 battery cells each and three modules with twelve cells each. The high-voltage battery has a low profile thanks to the modules being cleverly and model-specifically designed. This means it can be fitted in the underbody of the BMW i5 to save space. In fact, the amount of space available for the passengers in the electric 5-Series is identical to that available in the internal combustion variants.

The high-voltage battery in the BMW i5 combines compact dimensions with high energy density. It provides a usable energy content of 84.3 kWh. Combined with the high efficiency of their electric motors, this provides ranges suitable for long journeys for both model variants of the BMW i5. When fitted with standard 19-inch wheels, the i5 eDrive40 is estimated to travel up to 295 miles on a single charge, while the range of the high performance i5 M60 xDrive is estimated at 256 miles (estimated ranges according to preliminary BMW AG tests based on the EPA's test procedure standards).

The Combined Charging Unit in the BMW i5 enables Level 2 AC charging up to 11 kW. When connected to a DC fast charger, the charging rate of 205 kW means the battery can be topped up from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes. First-time owners of the new BMW i5 receive two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America DC fast-charging locations.

When driving, the latest version of adaptive recuperation helps to conserve the power reserves and recover electrical energy during throttle lift-off and braking phases. Thanks to intelligent networking, the drive control system can use navigation data and information from sensors of the driver assistance systems to adjust how much power is recuperated according to the respective traffic situation. As an alternative to this adaptive recuperation, the driver can select high, medium, or low braking energy recovery for all traffic situations in the BMW iDrive menu. Low recuperation enables a "coast" function. The BMW i5 simply rolls along without drive torque as soon as the accelerator pedal is released.

Efficiency is further enhanced by a novel intelligent combination of heat pump technology for the integrated heating and cooling circuit of the interior as well as for the heating and cooling system of the drive and the high-voltage battery of the BMW i5. This allows both the interior and the high-voltage battery to be heated simultaneously with the heat pump function and, if required, with a central electric auxiliary heater.

My Mode EFFICIENT with new MAX RANGE function

The i5's range can be moderated by activating a new drive system function; MAX RANGE. In this mode, drive power and top speed are carefully restricted and comfort functions scaled back, conserving battery power.

The MAX RANGE mode is primarily for critical situations where drivers are unable to recharge mid-journey where they had originally planned and must continue to an alternative charging point. To makd the most of the available energy, the vehicle's top speed is limited to 56 mph, the climate control system is deactivated as are seat heating, seat ventilation, and steering wheel heating. A popup window appears in the control display indicating the recalculated range. The speed and power output gauges in the information display are also modified accordingly and the new energy conservation profile is taken into account in the range forecast.

The MAX RANGE mode can be selected using the control display's touchscreen functionality, the iDrive Controller, or voice commands to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It can also be deactivated by full-throttle acceleration (kickdown), engaging the M Sport Boost function, or switching the window defrost to maximum.

Charging efficiency is optimized using the latest charging software

As the battery charge level increases, the charging procedure continuously reduces the charging power instead of delivering the so-call "staircase curve". This makes the charging curve smoother, shortening the charging time. Furthermore, the waste heat generated by the electric motors is used for controlling the temperature of the high-voltage battery in the BMW i5. This can significantly reduce the energy required for preheating the battery on the way to a fast charging station.

Battery thermal management for optimized DC fast charging

Anticipatory thermal management ensures that the temperature of the high-voltage battery is optimally controlled in advance of a stop at a fast-charging station. When the navigation system is active, the battery is automatically pre-conditioned before a planned charging stop. Pre-conditioning the battery can also be manually activated and deactivated by the customer at any time.

"Overcooling" of the high-voltage storage unit during fast charging is prevented by implementing full and partial cooling power phases in the charging process. This prevents excessively low temperatures from occurring during fast charging, especially at high states of charge. This offers increased potential for short charging times and reduced ageing of the battery cells. In addition it is possible to save individual charging settings for several individual charging points. They are then automatically restored the next time the driver approaches the respective charging point.

New generation of four and six-cylinder internal combustion engines

The internal combustion engines offered in the new BMW 5-Series all stem from a common modular design. The associated innovations include the Miller combustion process, which shortens the opening times of the intake valves, a redesign of the intake ducts and combustion chambers, as well as innovations in the areas of camshaft control, injection, ignition system and exhaust gas routing.

In addition, the engines feature the latest version of the fully variable valve control VALVETRONIC. Their switchable rocker arms on the exhaust side make it possible to stop the gas exchange when required, thus reducing the engine's frictional torque in overrun phases by about two thirds. This allows braking energy to be recuperated more effectively.

BMW 530i and 530i xDrive: New four-cylinder engine

The new generation of the 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine also features the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and an exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head. In the BMW 530i and 530i xDrive models, the engine produces 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, increases of 7 hp and 38 lb-ft. This allows the 530i to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 5.9 seconds, while additional all-wheel drive traction drops that time to 5.8 seconds for the 530i xDrive.

BMW 540i xDrive power output significantly increased

In the inline 6-cylinder engine of the BMW 540i xDrive, which will go into production in November 2023, the VANOS camshaft phasing system is now operated electronically. The resulting extended adjustment range has a positive effect on the powertrain's emissions.

The 3.0-liter engine features the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and generates a maximum output of 375 hp, an increase of 40 hp over the previous generation. The maximum torque increases by 52 lb-ft 384 and can be boosted to 398 lbft with the additional power of the 48-volt mild hybrid system. The new BMW 540i xDrive can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a scant 4.5 seconds.

Driving experience: chassis technology. Refined sportiness in hallmark BMW fashion

The vehicle concept of the new BMW 5-Series is characterized by the longest wheelbase in its segment, increased track widths at the front and rear axles compared to the previous generation, near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, intelligent lightweight construction, and body and chassis connection rigidity optimized with specific struts.

The flexible drive architecture of the new BMW 5-Series results in a wider range of vehicle weights. This is accounted for by specifically modifying and individually tuning chassis components and adapting all control systems accordingly in each powertrain configuration. Regardless of the drive concept, every model variant offers an excellent driving experience by combining the refined sportiness and superior driving comfort typical of the BMW 5-Series.

Both the double-wishbone front axle and the five-link rear axle of the new BMW 5-Series have undergone extensive development. To optimize the acoustic properties, the front axle support received an elastic steering gear mount. In the BMW i5 M60 xDrive, noise from the electric drivetrain is insulated by large powertrain mounts. The all-wheel drive variants of the new BMW 5-Series each feature a model-specific aluminum stiffening plate under the front axle support. Like the housing of the high-voltage battery in the underbody of the BMW i5, it contributes to optimizing the rigidity of the front end. The rear axle support, manufactured using aluminum integral casting, combines low weight with high rigidity. The vibration damping and acoustic insulation of the BMW i5's electric drive unit at the rear wheels are optimized by a large bearing and specific rubber mounts for the rear axle support.

Sport steering with variable ratio now standard

All BMW 5-Series are equipped with the latest version of electromechanical power steering (EPS) as standard. The standard sport steering includes a new, more direct, steering angle-dependent steering ratio. Its range of functions also includes Servotronic speed-related power assistance as well as comfort or sport-oriented settings available in My Modes.

BMW i5 M60 xDrive features model-specific chassis technology for superior performance

As the top model in the range, the BMW i5 M60 xDrive not only has the most powerful drivetrain, but also comes with standard suspension equipment that ensures the power of its two electric motors can be harnessed to deliver a superior performance experience. Its standard Adaptive M Suspension Professional includes electronically controlled dampers, Integral Active Steering (which allows the rear wheels to turn in or out of phase with the front wheels up to 2.5 degrees), and lowers the ride height by 0.3 inches compared to the standard chassis of the BMW i5 eDrive40. The dynamic performance, agility, and handling precision of the high-performance model are enhanced by standard 19-inch M light alloy wheels with mixed performance tires and a powerful M sport braking system.

Stroke-dependent dampers for the BMW i5

The BMW i5 features new strokedependent control of the dampers on both axles, both as standard and with the M sport suspension. The additional hydraulic damping, which acts in the direction of pull, noticeably calms the body when compensating for the vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces and dynamic cornering, thus enhancing the sporty and confident handling of the vehicle. The additional damping is spring-traveldependent, so that vibrations building up are initially damped linearly and then additionally absorbed by a second piston in the event of greater deflection. This prevents excessive bouncing or rocking of the body when driving over large bumps and thus prevents unpleasant vibration behavior.

The stroke-dependent damping serves as an active tuning element, which optimizes the balance between sportiness and comfort specifically for each model. The positive influence of the additional damping on the i5's driving behavior is not only noticeable under heavy load, but in situations where a wheel lifts slightly after being triggered by a small bump.

The BMW i5 is also equipped with rear-axle air suspension as standard. The self-levelling suspension ensures optimum vehicle height for comfortable and safe driving, even when heavily loaded. The air supply to the suspension is regulated individually for each wheel and can thus also compensate for uneven loading.

Adaptive M Suspension Professional with optional Active Roll Stabilization

The Adaptive M Suspension Professional on the BMW i5 M60 xDrive can be enhanced with optional Active Roll Stabilization (delayed introduction) including Active Roll Comfort. Electric swivel motors ensure fast and precise compensation of lateral roll forces. In its latest version, the system utilizes a 48-volt electric motor for this purpose.

Active Roll Stabilization benefits agility and driving precision, while at the same time enabling a dynamic steering response by providing better roll support. It also increases comfort when driving straight ahead by decoupling the fixed connection of a conventional anti-roll bar. This reduces body roll caused by one-sided road unevenness. The Active Roll Comfort function ensures that the system not only reduces body roll, but also builds up a counter-torque to keep the body horizontal, especially when the road surface is uneven on one side.

Near-actuator wheel slip limitation for fast and precisely optimized traction

The new BMW 5-Series now features near-actuator wheel slip limitation to deliver maximum agility and control in demanding driving situations. With this system, the traction control is integrated into the engine control unit. This eliminates the long signal paths to the control unit of the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). so that the control interventions take place at up to 10 times the speed of conventional systems.

The near-actuator wheel slip limitation ensures optimized traction and superior directional stability even on slippery roads. Since it prevents loss of traction from the outset, especially when accelerating fast, but also during high-speed cornering, the Dynamic Stability Control DSC has to intervene much less frequently by selectively braking individual wheels to ensure confident and safe handling.

Light alloy wheels up to 21 inches

The standard equipment of the new BMW 5-Series includes 19-inch light alloy wheels for both the i5 models and 530i models. Optional 20-inch and 21-inch light alloy wheels are available with either mixed performance or all-season non-runflat tires. The range also includes aerodynamic wheels, whose design and construction methods reduce both weight and air resistance.

Driving experience: driver assistance systems. Intelligent systems for automated driving and parking

The systems for automated driving and parking available as standard or as an option for the new BMW 5-Series set standards in the competitive environment with their range of functions, reliability, and everyday usability. They underline BMW's leading role in the field of advanced driver assistance systems. A technology suite featuring the latest generation of cameras, ultrasonic and radar sensors, a new software stack, a powerful computing platform and a connection to the BMW Cloud via 5G mobile communications enables the outstanding functionality of BMW's current systems and offers unique potential for developing future automated driving functions.

New Highway Assistant including Active Lane Change with eye activation

The optional Driving Assistance Professional now includes the Highway Assistant, which enables attentive hands-free driving at speeds up to 85 mph where conditions and speed limits allow. Driver attention is continuously monitored by the system via an interior camera. The driver is fully responsible for the task of driving even when the Highway Assistant is activated and must always be able to take over should it become necessary.

The automated driving functions of the Driving Assistance Professional Package also include the new version of the Active Lane Change. In a world first, the Active Lane Change in the new BMW 5-Series can be controlled by eye activation.

The vehicle suggests a lane change, and the driver can confirm the lane change simply by looking in the corresponding outside rearview mirror. The Active Lane Change performs the necessary steering movements automatically up to a speed of 85 mph, traffic conditions and speed limits permitting. It is no longer necessary to confirm the lane change with the turn signal. This seamless interaction between the driver and the Automatic Lane Change provides a level of comfort and safety unique in the automotive sector.

An overview of the activated systems and their functionality is available to the driver via Assisted View in the instrument cluster. The central area of the cockpit display is reserved for an augmented reality representation of the vehicle and its surroundings. For this purpose, camera images are combined with additional graphics and information. The images from the vehicle environment processed in this way provide the driver with a precise overview of the vehicle surrounding captured by cameras and sensors.

Automatic Park Assistant including Backup Assistant as standard

The new BMW 5-Series also provides support when parking and maneuvering. The standard Automatic Park Assistant helps the driver in selecting and using parking spaces that are either parallel or perpendicular to the driving lane. In addition to the steering, it also takes over accelerating and braking as well as the gear shifts necessary when maneuvering, both when parking and when backing out.

The Backup Assistant, which is also standard, enables automated reversing in narrow and complex environments such as multi-story parking structures or driveways. To do this, it stores the steering movements on the route last driven forwards and at a maximum speed of 22 mph. The system can then travel the stored journey in reverse for a distance of up to 50 meters.

The optional Parking Assistant Plus adds the Parking View, Panorama View front and 3D View functions. This shows a 360-degree image of the vehicle and its surroundings from different perspectives on the Control Display. In addition, the Remote 30 View function allows the driver to view a three-dimensional live image of his vehicle and its surroundings transmitted to his smartphone (available for Apple iPhone from operating system iOS 16.2). The Drive Recorder and the Anti-Theft Recorder are also included in the range of functions of Parking Assistant Plus.

Plug & Charge: Contactless authentication with access to multiple contracts

The all-electric models in the new BMW 5-Series are also the first BMW vehicles to use Plug & Charge. Plug & Charge makes charging at compatible public charging stations even more convenient, as it eliminates the need for account access via the provider's app or card.

Customers can store up to five individual Plug & Charge-enabled accounts from different providers in the vehicle's iDrive system. As soon as the vehicle is connected to the charging point, the data necessary for account access and payment is sent to the vehicle via the charging cable. The authentication required to initiate charging and payment takes place automatically at any of the stored charging locations.


2024 بي ام دبليو i5, БМВ i5 2024 года , 2024款宝马i5 , บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ไอ5 ปี 2024

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