2025 Vauxhall Grandland

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Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2025 Vauxhall Grandland - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2025 Vauxhall Grandland

Vauxhall has revealed the next-generation Grandland, a stylish and dynamic, spacious and versatile SUV with a fully electrified drivetrain portfolio.

The All-New Grandland brings many design features first seen on the Vauxhall Experimental concept car to life for the first time on a production model. These features include the 3D Vizor with illuminated Griffin logo proudly sitting at the centre and the permanently illuminated “VAUXHALL” lettering at the rear. Further highlights include the Intelli-Lux Pixel HD lighting system with over 50,000 individual elements, plus the BEV-native STLA Medium platform and new flat battery packaging design which allow for a 98kWh battery. This will enable the Grandland Electric to cover up to around 435 miles (700km) locally emissions-free (WLTP provisional data).

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “The All-New Grandland is a milestone for Vauxhall. With it, every Vauxhall model will be available with the choice of a fully electric powertrain – a decade ahead of UK Government requirements. This is a big step in our electric offensive. The relationship to the Vauxhall Experimental is unmistakable. It offers innovations that were first seen on this extraordinary concept car. The new Grandland will therefore strengthen our position in the important family crossover segment.”

BEV-native platform helps enable electric range of up to around 435 miles (WLTP)

The next generation Grandland represents a major step for Vauxhall in making electric mobility even more appealing. It is the first Vauxhall to benefit from the Stellantis STLA Medium BEV-native platform. Thanks to the new architecture, the new flat battery packaging with up to 98kWh, the new generation electric motor and energy-saving features such as the heat pump, the new Grandland Electric will be able to deliver a locally emissions-free electric range of up to around 435 miles (WLTP provisional). Drivers can choose from three levels of regenerative braking using the steering wheel paddles, while the battery can be re-charged to 80% in around only 26 minutes at a rapid charger.

3D Vizor, illuminated Griffin, Edge Light Technology and Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD

The new underpinnings also gave the designers a new freedom and the impressive stance of the new Grandland becomes apparent at the very first glance. Thanks to 173mm of additional length, 19mm of additional height and 64mm of additional width compared to its predecessor, the newcomer conveys confidence (Length: 4650mm; width: 1905mm; height: 1660mm). And combined with up to 20-inch alloy wheels, this helps it sit boldly and comfortably at the top of Vauxhall’s SUV portfolio. Further grandeur is added by the new execution of the characteristic Vauxhall brand face: the new 3D Vizor. This element is combined with the illuminated Vauxhall Griffin logo which is made even more prominent using Edge Light Technology. The new Grandland embraces the “Vauxhall Compass” design principle, recently developed on the Experimental concept car.  It builds on the principles of the centre crease, with all the features being organised horizontally inside the Vizor with the “Griffin” emblem at the centre.

The new illuminated logo is also accompanied by yet another lighting innovation from Vauxhall – the industry-leading Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD. The system offers over 50,000 elements (51,200 to be precise, with 25,600 on each side) for high-definition light distribution and makes its debut on the Grandland. Based on the traffic situation, up- and oncoming objects are detected by a camera and the Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD light cuts out these objects even more precisely than standard Matrix Light technologies. It also delivers a much brighter and homogeneous light pattern – all while ensuring that other road users are not dazzled and enhancing night-time driving comfort.  Furthermore, the new welcome/goodbye animations with graphical projections in front of the vehicle already give an outlook on future possibilities.

With its two-tone floating roof and contrast cladding, the Grandland is visually stretched for a sleek, elegant look. The overall body design is organised and structured while remaining fluid and organic. The sharp wheel-arch feature lines flow through the car and visually help to push the wheels out. This is combined with the robustness of the cladded elements around the wheels and lower body. The long wheelbase of 2,784mm and steep tailgate emphasise the increased roominess in the cabin and boot. The rear seats can be folded down 40:20:40, creating a load volume of up to 1,641 litres. With the seats up, the Grandland has a boot volume of 550 litres – an increase of 36 litres over the outgoing model.

At the rear, the distinctive compass lighting signature (including the very first integration of the illuminated ‘VAUXHALL’ wordmark as part of the signature) also makes its production model debut. Braking illuminates the full-width horizontal light bar and vertical third brake light, first seen on the current Astra. And in line with Vauxhall’s Greenovation approach to sustainability, the name of the car is no longer displayed by chrome lettering – instead ‘GRANDLAND’ is centrally embossed in the tailgate.

Roomy interior with 16-inch central display, AGR-approved seats and clever storage solutions

On the inside, occupants of the new Grandland are greeted by further bold and pure elements in combination with a warm and engaging ambience. Architecturally, the interior layout emphasises a horizontal theme, with lines running across the instrument panel into the doors, enhancing the feeling of width and spaciousness, whilst the slightly driver oriented 16-inch central display and high centre console generate a sporty feeling.

Behind the steering wheel, a discrete wide and fully digital cluster provides essential information, allowing the driver to focus on the pleasure of driving and, in combination with the Intelli-HUD head-up display, avoid the need to take their eyes off the road. Drivers also have the option of manually or automatically triggering the Pure Mode. This reduces the content on the driver information cluster, the head-up display and the central touchscreen, ensuring even less distraction when driving at night or in the rain. In typical Vauxhall tradition, frequently used settings such as climate control can also be operated intuitively via physical buttons.

The side air vents are integrated into the doors which also visually emphasises the width of the instrument panel. The top of the instrument panel has a beautiful technical appearance and is aesthetically divided into two surface finishes, to underline the overall tone of the design. Below this, the “edge light”, which is based on the same technology used on the Vizor, adds a precise glass like execution of colour and light, supported by the attractive indirect ambient light on the instrument panel, as well as the door inserts. The instrument panel mid-section is fabric wrapped, and visually runs into the door shoulder, producing an appealing and tactile cockpit.

The interior also provides a particularly involving driving experience: Vauxhall’s ergonomic AGR seats enjoy an award-winning reputation and the new Grandland continues this long-standing tradition. Certified by AGR (the German “Campaign for Healthier Backs”), they introduce a new proximity comfort feature: the powered bolsters. This function significantly improves lateral comfort adjustment thanks to two pneumatic pockets located in the backrest’s side bolsters. The seats also offer ventilation and a massage function for the driver. Meanwhile, passengers in the rear enjoy 20mm of additional legroom compared to the outgoing Grandland. Elsewhere, the patented Intelli-Seat feature in the front seats – a slot that relieves pressure on the tailbone – comes as standard and ensures outstanding comfort even during long journeys on the motorway. All fabrics in the interior are 100% recycled.

As a family-oriented vehicle, a strong focus was placed on interior versatility, with a number of innovative storage solutions introduced. The highlight of these is the Pixel Box. With the illuminated translucid glass and the fabric wrapping, this element not only enhances the visual appeal of the console, it is also highly functional. The wireless smartphone charger is located behind the glass so that devices can be charged while being stored safely. The constant visibility of the smartphone also helps to ensure that it is not forgotten in the vehicle when leaving the Grandland. In total, the new Grandland offers over 35 litres of interior storage compartments – from the Pixel Box to the phone pockets in the backrests of the front seats, to the large storage under the central console which also accommodates a 12V socket.

Alternative drives, frequency selective damping technology and an array of driver assistance systems

The new Grandland offers a fully electrified drivetrain portfolio. Alongside the fully electric Grandland Electric, the new Grandland Plug-in Hybrid offers up to 53 miles of locally emissions-free range (WLTP provisional). Finally, the Grandland Hybrid with 48-volt technology combines a 28hp electric motor with a 136hp 1.2-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine and is paired with a new six-speed dual clutch transmission.

And while the Grandland cuts emissions, it still delivers dynamic and comfortable driving pleasure. This is made possible by dampers with frequency selective damping (FSD) technology, which are used in the chassis. This unique technology creates a second hydraulic circuit in the damper chamber to mechanically adapt the damping force in relation to the frequency. Depending on the situation, road surface conditions and driving style, it enables different damping characteristics for comfortable gliding at high frequencies – i.e. with short impacts such as on cobblestones or a manhole cover – as well as for a sporty, ambitious driving style with more direct contact with the road at low frequencies. The Grandland reacts even more immediately and directly to any command from the driver and, as is typical for Vauxhall, remains stable when braking, cornering and at high speeds on the motorway. The Vauxhall DNA is further emphasised by specific spring, anti-roll bar, steering and ESC tuning.

The appealing offer proposed by Vauxhall’s new top-of-the-line SUV is rounded off by an extensive array of driver assistance systems. Among the features included as standard are Automatic Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Extended Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Adaptation and In Crash Braking, a system with the purpose of helping avoid a secondary collision in case of an accident. The Intelli-Drive 2.0 system, which integrates numerous electronic assistants and combines them with semi-automatic lane-change assist and Recommended Speed Adaption, is also available as an option. If the targeted lane is clear, the assistant steers the Grandland into the desired lane with small steering movements. And Recommended Speed Adaptation ensures that – if confirmed by the driver – the vehicle's speed is reduced accordingly when a new speed limit is reached or increased up to that limit. In addition to sensors, Intelli-Drive 2.0 also uses information from the over-the-air network. And parking and manoeuvring is also made easier by front and rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera with automatic cleaning function and the 360-degree Intelli-Vision camera.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art new platform, innovative new technologies in combination with numerous design features first seen on the Vauxhall Experimental concept car, the new Grandland sits comfortably at the helm of Vauxhall’s SUV portfolio while bringing a new level of all-electric freedom to Vauxhall’s ongoing electrification strategy.

The All-New Vauxhall Grandland is set to open for orders in July and arrive in UK showrooms this Autumn.


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