2024 Xpeng Motors M03

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Image for 2024 Xpeng Motors M03 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Xpeng Motors M03 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Xpeng Motors M03 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Xpeng Motors M03 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Xpeng Motors M03 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2024 Xpeng Motors M03

At the Xiaopeng AI Dimensity System launch conference in May, the official officially announced that the first model of the Xiaopeng MONA series will be officially unveiled in June. Recently, spy photos and concept maps of the new car have emerged online, but the official has only released 3 preview pictures. In the previous interview, He Xiaopeng was also tight-lipped and did not reveal any news about the new car MONA, maintaining a full sense of mystery, making everyone look forward to the debut of the new car in June. This time we are also racing with the official speed, bringing you a preview of the new car's renderings before the new car is released, and restoring the possible appearance of the new car for everyone.

As the first model of Xiaopeng's MONA series, the brand means Made Of New AI. The car will be positioned as a compact pure electric sedan, focusing on the product attributes of AI intelligent driving, and the price is about 150,000 yuan. The new car will be produced in Xiaopeng's Zhaoqing factory, which is also the production plant of Xiaopeng P7. At the end of January this year, Xiaopeng upgraded and renovated the vehicle production line of the Zhaoqing factory in order to put the new model into production. The trial car has been rolled off the assembly line and is about to enter the PT2 stage. It is expected to be launched and delivered in the third quarter.

According to previously leaked information, the new car may be named "Xiangwang", and the logo is two trapezoidal shapes arranged diagonally, which is somewhat similar to the design style of Xiaopeng's current logo. Judging from the license plate in the spy photos, the first model may be named "Xiangwang 03", but the official has not yet announced the final model name.

MONA's new car is not only a cost-effective product for consumers, but will also be sold to online car-hailing fleets and other vehicle demand parties. In August last year, Xiaopeng and Didi reached an annual sales bet agreement with a lower limit of 100,000 units and an upper limit of 180,000 units for two consecutive years. In a sense, the pressure on the new car in terms of sales will be much smaller, which will also help spread the influence of the new brand.

In terms of appearance, according to the previously exposed spy photos and preview images, the overall shape of the front face is very simple, and two body colors similar to the Morandi color system have been previewed. The car also adopts a closed grille design, which can show some shadows of the design of the Xiaopeng X-Robot family, combined with the large-angle and deep front lip design below, without too many detailed decorations. The shape of the new car light group is the clearest previously exposed, with a large-size T-shaped shape extending to the fender position, and the front rib line runs through it. In addition, the logo in the center of the front of the car has also been replaced with a trapezoidal logo of "想往".

From the side of the car, the overall proportions of the car are standard compact cars. The slightly sloping roofline is not surprising, and has even become the standard for new energy vehicles. The straight waistline extends from the front door to the rear, and the arc begins to increase at the rear, making the rear fuller. The more distinctive features of the new car are the C-pillar and the two "small wing" style spoilers (the red circle in the picture). The C-pillar is located relatively far back, making the rear window area appear large, and a triangular window design is provided. The small spoiler is embedded at the junction of the C-pillar and the rear of the car, adding a more recognizable sports element to the whole vehicle, but its functionality has yet to be officially explained.

At the rear, the 03 still uses a simple styling language, with prominent tail lines running through the T-shaped headlights on both sides, similar to the front. The car will also adopt a hatchback tailgate design, and be equipped with a small ducktail spoiler at the end of the trunk. The body lines on both sides of the taillights extend downward to the surrounding part, lengthening the side of the body while adding more details to the rear of the car. The light source inside the taillight uses a sharp strip shape to divide the upper and lower squares. Like the headlight group, there is no complicated and cool internal structure, which is very consistent with the overall body design language, and it is simple yet technological.

According to the information currently exposed, the battery supplier of MONA's first car includes BYD, and the range will exceed 500km. In terms of intelligent driving, He Xiaopeng said in an interview that in the next two years, we will launch a number of products on the A-class car platform, and XNGP will also enter this price segment, popularizing high-level intelligent assisted driving in this price segment with the largest sales volume.


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