2024 Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept

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Image for 2024 Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2024 Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept

Launched in 2017, the Nexon created its own niche and has won the hearts of 6 lakh + families. Pioneering the way for safer cars in India, it also became the first car by an Indian manufacturer to score a 5 Star rating in Global NCAP. A belief in blazing new trails and moving ahead, the Nexon has created benchmark in its segment by achieving India’s No.1 selling SUV crown (two years in a row). The New Nexon was launched in Sept 2023 & since then it has received phenomenal response. Finding its true inspiration in people who think far ahead and go the extra mile, the new Nexon is the icon for all who want to stay ahead of the curve. It's beyond just a car, it’s an aspiration and an ideology. It has redefine this segment yet again with its class leading looks, features and much more.

Tata Motors introduced the iCNG technology in January 2022 with Tiago and Tigor. These became the first CNG cars to remove the compromises on performance, safety & features. Further in 2023 Tata Motors introduced India’s first twin cylinder iCNG technology with no compromise, even on boot space. Taking this further Tata Motors today proudly presents the iCNG Concept - India’s first Turbocharged twin cylinder technology with usable boot space.

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Key highlights:
The iCNG offering is a “NO compromise CNG” with twin cylinder technology and an underbody spare wheel as an innovative solution for a usable boot.

1. India’s first Turbocharged CNG powertrain:
The Nexon customers love the power offered by our 1.2L Turbocharged petrol engine and with the Nexon iCNG it is India’s first
Turbocharged CNG offering in passenger vehicles which offers the benefits of CNG fuel with “NO compromise on power”.
2. Twin Cylinder CNG: Two Cylinders with 60L (water equivalent) capacity
3. Boot space: Best in segment CNG boot space of appx 230L (VDA)
4. All benefits of iCNG:
a. Under floor boot storage of cylinders: Neat and invisible CNG cylinder system. Tool kits in storage space
b. Better driveability and effortless drive in all terrains like high altitude, high gradients/ghat driving with better low end
torque and better calibration.
c. Safety:
i. Factory Fitted Safe CNG: with Micro switch, Advance Materials in CNG kit to prevent leakage, Thermal Incident
Protection, Leak Detection Feature
ii. Safest CNG packaging, with load floor protected cylinder, valve and pipes.
iii. Rear Safety: Engineered to withstand rear impact.
iv. Best in class 6 point cylinder mounting scheme.
d. Single advanced ECU for seamless and quick switching between CNG to Petrol mode, unlike competition which has lag,
giving perception of faulty switch.
e. Direct Start in CNG
f. Auto switch between fuels
g. Faster refueling with NGV1 universal type nozzle
h. Modular Fuel Filter: only requires cartridge changes instead of entire filter replacements, generating less hazardous waste
and lowering the cost of maintenance.
i. Easy to remove spare wheel with winch aid
j. Ease of luggage loading/unloading with Flat floor Boot


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