2024 Landian E3

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Image for 2024 Landian E3 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Landian E3 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Landian E3 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2024 Landian E3 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2024 Landian E3

Recently, Blue Electric Motors, a subsidiary of Cyrus Group, launched a pure electric compact SUV - Blue Electric E3. This car can be regarded as a mid-term facelift model of Dongfeng Fengguang E3. There are 2 configurations, with a price range of 139,800-145,800 yuan. At present, the car has launched a variety of financial car purchase plans, and provides users with an ultra-long vehicle warranty of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers.

From the appearance, as an electric car, the car is equipped with a closed grille, and the 3×3 dot matrix LOGO in the center of the front is very recognizable. The headlight set basically continues the shape of Dongfeng Fengguang E3 and is equipped with lenses. The side of the car body also basically continues the styling of Dongfeng Fengguang E3. The narrow design of the rear window and the rising crease line at the door add a bit of dynamics to the new car. The car is equipped with aluminum alloy multi-spoke wheels with tire size 215/60 R17.

Looking at the rear of the car, the car uses a split taillight set. The blue trim strips on the rear surround reflect that this is a new energy model and also add to the layering of the rear of the car. In addition, the rear of the car is equipped with a spoiler. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4385/1850/1650mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2655mm, which is exactly the same as the old model.

In terms of interior configuration, Landian E3 is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument + a 10.25-inch large central control touch screen. It uses HUAWEI HiCar to realize the interconnection between mobile phones and cars, and has its own mobile phone wireless charging function. In addition, the new car's front driver's seat provides 6-way electric adjustment, and is equipped with active/passive safety features such as automatic parking, steep hill descent, cruise control, uphill assist, brake assist, main/secondary airbags, and 360-degree panoramic images. auxiliary system.

In terms of power, the Cyrus Blue Electric E3 is equipped with a power motor from BYD Fudi with a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 310 Nm. It is also equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack with a capacity of approximately 50kWh and a CLTC pure electric range of 405km. It only takes 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h.


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