2023 Suzuki Spacia Concept

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About the Car

2023 Suzuki Spacia Concept

2023 Suzuki Spacia Concept

Suzuki Motor Corporation is set to unveil the 2023 Suzuki Spacia Concept at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 in Tokyo. The Spacia is a minicar known for its unique styling and spacious interior. This concept model aims to make daily life more fun, convenient and comfortable.

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Interior Features

The 2023 Spacia Concept focuses on rear seat comfort. It is equipped with a multi-use flap in the front section of the seat cushion. This is the first time Suzuki has included this feature which enhances flexibility.

Design Themes

The Spacia Concept styling centers around "comfort" and "excitement" to add color to everyday life. The Spacia Custom Concept offers an elegant and gorgeous minicar designed for those seeking sophistication.

Suzuki's Mobility Vision

At JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, Suzuki will showcase its vision for mobility staying close to people's daily lives. Concepts include automobiles, motorcycles, next-generation mobility and outboard motors. The exhibit will highlight Suzuki's carbon neutrality initiatives like its CBG business in India.


The 2023 Suzuki Spacia Concept is a new minicar focused on rear seat comfort through innovative features. Suzuki will unveil the concept at an upcoming mobility show, along with other vehicles and technologies linked to its carbon neutrality vision. The Spacia Concept aims to make daily life more enjoyable through thoughtful design.


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