2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN

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Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN

  • CUPRA UK introduces the limited edition CUPRA Formentor VZN, offering bespoke styling options over the VZ3 trim.

  • The Formentor VZN is priced from £48,270 OTR and is exclusively available with the 2.0 TSI 310PS DSG-auto 4Drive powertrain.

  • This special edition features 19-inch sport black alloys, a matte black grille, cladding, and mirror covers for a sporty and dynamic look.

  • The Formentor VZN comes with Dinamica bucket seats, black chrome CUPRA lettering, and a leather dashboard with copper stitching, emphasizing exclusivity and sophistication.

  • The premium Beats Audio sound system, top view camera, and panoramic sunroof provide an enhanced driving experience with superior comfort.

  • The Formentor VZN offers standard features like Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), park assist, and speed-sensitive power steering.

  • The limited edition model is available in two paint colors: Midnight Black and Mountain Green (exclusive to VZN).

  • The Formentor VZN combines exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and style to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

  • Customers can now place orders for the exclusive CUPRA Formentor VZN and enjoy its remarkable features and design.

  • CUPRA UK continues to redefine automotive excellence, catering to individual tastes and pushing the boundaries of driving pleasure.

CUPRA UK is thrilled to present the limited edition CUPRA Formentor VZN, a remarkable variant that surpasses expectations with its personalized styling options, available exclusively for the VZ3 trim. Priced at an enticing £48,270 OTR, this exquisite model showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and design, delivering an exceptional driving experience. Powered by the impressive 2.0 TSI 310PS DSG-auto 4Drive powertrain, the Formentor VZN is the epitome of performance and style.

Unleashing its sporty essence, the Formentor VZN boasts 19-inch sport black alloys in a sleek matte finish, accentuated by a distinctive matte black grille, cladding, and mirror covers. The commanding presence is further enhanced by the visually striking black chrome CUPRA lettering. With its distinguished Dinamica bucket seats, this edition exudes exclusivity and elevates the driving experience to new heights.

2023 Seat Cupra Formentor VZN

Emphasizing both superior comfort and entertainment, the Formentor VZN comes equipped with premium features that leave no desire unfulfilled. Experience the ultimate sound quality with the Beats Audio sound system, adding depth and richness to your favorite music. Capture every angle effortlessly with the top view camera, ensuring seamless maneuvering in any situation. The panoramic sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere that enhances every journey.

Building upon the exceptional features of the VZ3 trim, the Formentor VZN is equipped with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), offering precise handling and unmatched driving dynamics. Navigate tight parking spaces effortlessly with the park assist feature, while the speed-sensitive power steering ensures optimal control and responsiveness at all speeds. Immerse yourself in luxury with the leather dashboard, exquisitely finished with copper stitching. The heated super sports steering wheel and heated front seats provide unmatched comfort, making every drive an unforgettable experience.

To cater to individual tastes, the Formentor VZN is available in two captivating paint colors: the timeless Midnight Black and the exclusive Mountain Green, reserved solely for this exceptional edition. Embodying a bold and confident character, the Formentor VZN is a statement of style and sophistication.

Order your exclusive CUPRA Formentor VZN now and indulge in the ultimate driving experience. With its unparalleled performance, exquisite design, and innovative features, this limited edition model is bound to exceed your expectations. Explore the world of CUPRA and ignite your passion for driving. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from CUPRA UK.


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