2023 Roewe D7 DMH

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Image for 2023 Roewe D7 DMH - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Roewe D7 DMH - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Roewe D7 DMH - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Roewe D7 DMH - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2023 Roewe D7 DMH

  • Cutting-Edge Aesthetics: The Roewe D7 DMH impresses with its electromechanical design language, setting it apart from its peers in the Roewe lineup.

  • Distinctive Front Face: The model showcases a unique front face, with the D7 EV featuring a closed front and split headlights, while the D7 DMH opts for integrated headlights and an extended air grille.

  • Streamlined Profile: With hidden door handles and aerodynamic 18-inch wheels, the car exudes technological sophistication and efficiency.

  • Sporty Rear Design: The rounded, wide rear design, slender taillights, and subtle ducktail trunk create a sporty, dynamic appearance.

  • Dimensions and Wheelbase: The car measures 4890mm in length, 1872mm in width, 1510mm in height, with a spacious 2810mm wheelbase.

  • Yunsu Cockpit Concept: Inside, the Yunsu cockpit concept ensures a sleek interior, marked by straight center console lines and a dual-color scheme.

  • High-End Seats: Diamond pattern embellishments on the seats enhance the interior's luxury and comfort.

  • Electric Powerhouse: The all-electric version offers an impressive CLTC cruising range of 510km and 610km, powered by advanced Rubik's Cube batteries and a 155kW motor.

  • Hybrid Efficiency: Opt for the DMH hybrid version to enjoy a fuel-efficient engine with over 43% thermal efficiency and a remarkable 1,400km comprehensive cruising range.

  • Tech-Infused Luxury: The Roewe D7 DMH promises to redefine sedan luxury, seamlessly integrating advanced technology and sophisticated design elements, marking a new era in automotive excellence.

At the Chengdu Auto Show, the Roewe brand booth revealed exciting news about their upcoming medium and large sedans, the Roewe D7 EV and Roewe D7 DMH, set to launch in the fourth quarter. These models are the pioneers of the "D family," introducing a fusion of cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics, including the Yunsu cockpit and the Zebra intelligent driving system.

In terms of aesthetics, the Roewe D7 showcases a distinct electromechanical design language, setting it apart from other Roewe models and enhancing its overall recognition. Notably, the D7 EV features a closed front face with a split headlight design, while the D7 DMH boasts integrated headlights and a front air grille with elegant extensions. These design elements contribute to a broader and more striking appearance.

2023 Roewe D7 DMH | DailyRevs.com

Moving to the car's profile, the Roewe D7 features concealed door handles and 18-inch wheels designed for reduced wind resistance, elevating its technological appeal. The rear of the car boasts a rounded and wide design with taut lines, accentuated by slender taillights and a slightly upturned ducktail trunk, exuding sportiness. In terms of dimensions, the car measures 4890mm in length, 1872mm in width, 1510mm in height, and has a 2810mm wheelbase.

Inside, the Roewe D7 embraces the Yunsu cockpit design concept, featuring clean center console lines and a dual-color scheme that enhances its fashion-forward appearance. The generous LCD instrument display and integrated central control screen cater to modern connectivity needs. Notably, the seats incorporate diamond-pattern elements, elevating the vehicle's overall sense of luxury.

Roewe D7 will be available in two power options. The all-electric version, built on SAIC Nebula's exclusive platform, will offer two new Rubik's Cube batteries, providing an impressive CLTC comprehensive cruising range of 510km and 610km respectively. Powering this variant will be a VGA six-in-one motor and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output of 155kW.

For those seeking a hybrid option, the DMH variant comes equipped with a specialized engine boasting a remarkable thermal efficiency exceeding 43%. It achieves an exceptional fuel consumption rate of 4.3L/100km. Under CLTC operating conditions, the pure electric range extends to 125km, while the comprehensive cruising range reaches an impressive 1,400km.


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