2023 NIO EL6

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Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 NIO EL6 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2023 NIO EL6

  • NIO introduces the 2023 EL6, a smart electric SUV, in Europe.

  • The EL6 showcases NIO's innovative "Design for AD" philosophy, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

  • Cocooning double-layer dashboard design with sustainable rattan and invisible air vents creates a nature-inspired interior.

  • Tailor-made acoustic fabric on speakers enhances audio experience and adds a premium touch.

  • Largest openable sunroof in its class floods the cabin with natural sunlight for an uplifting atmosphere.

  • NIO prioritizes comfort with a 20-way adjustable driver's seat and a multi-layer comfort system with nine supporting layers.

  • Passenger Lounge Seat offers exceptional features like 22-way adjustment, zero-gravity position, and advanced comfort settings.

  • Flexible storage space with a three-layer trunk and foldable rear seats provides ample room for various storage needs.

  • High-performance capabilities with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system and impressive acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

  • Advanced technology features include NIO AQUILA Super Sensing, Intelligent Chassis Controller, and Adaptive Driving Beam headlights for enhanced safety and intelligence.

NIO, the renowned smart electric vehicle company, has unveiled its highly anticipated EL6 model in Europe. This all-round SUV promises an extraordinary driving experience to users in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, surpassing all expectations.

Cutting-edge Design: Setting New Standards in Smart EVs

The EL6 showcases NIO’s commitment to pure, sophisticated, and progressive design, exemplifying their innovative “Design for AD” philosophy. The vehicle’s roof seamlessly integrates with NIO’s watchtower sensor layout, presenting a groundbreaking approach to smart EV design. With dimensions measuring 4,854 mm in length, 1,995 mm in width, 1,703 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,915 mm, the EL6 exudes a commanding presence on the road.

2023 NIO EL6

Immersive Interior: Nature-Inspired Comfort and Luxury

Drawing inspiration from nature, the EL6’s cocooning double-layer dashboard design boasts sustainable rattan elements and concealed air vents, providing an eco-friendly and visually appealing cabin environment. For the first time ever, the EL6 introduces tailor-made acoustic fabric on the speakers, enhancing the audio experience while offering a premium aesthetic. Additionally, the largest openable sunroof in its class allows an abundance of natural sunlight to flood the cabin, creating an uplifting and spacious ambiance.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience: The User Experience Takes Center Stage

With a strong focus on comfort and convenience, NIO has developed a premium, proprietary seat platform, enabling 20-way adjustments for the driver’s seat. The multi-layer comfort system, comprising nine layers of supporting materials, ensures unparalleled comfort during every journey. The EL6’s passenger Lounge Seat elevates the experience further with 22-way adjustments, including a zero-gravity position that can be effortlessly engaged with a single tap. The seat’s reclining mode offers enhanced comfort through a 160-degree rotation, complemented by an adjustable leg rest that provides a near-horizontal resting position. Additionally, the seat features ventilation, an eight-point massage system, and three-zone heating for the seat cushion, back, and leg rests. The rear row of seating is equipped with power adjustable seats, adding to the overall convenience.

Versatile Storage: Effortlessly Accommodating Your Lifestyle

The EL6 boasts flexible storage space, featuring a three-layer trunk that offers a maximum volume of 668 liters. To cater to varying storage needs, the rear seats can be conveniently folded down in a 40/20/40 layout, creating additional space of up to 1,430 liters.

High-Performance Capability: Unleash the Power

Embodying NIO’s high-performance DNA, the EL6 features a standard dual-motor four-wheel drive system. It combines a 150 kW front induction motor with a 210 kW rear permanent magnet motor, delivering a total power output of 360 kW and an impressive peak torque of 700 Nm. The EL6 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4.5 seconds, while its high-performance four-piston fixed calipers enable a remarkable braking distance of just 34.5 meters from 100 km/h.

Customizable Driving Experience: Tailor Your Journey

Users can choose from nine distinct driving modes, ensuring a personalized and thrilling driving experience. NIO’s proprietary Intelligent Chassis Controller (ICC) collaborates with the car’s Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system, enabling up to 500 damping adjustments per second. This remarkable capability ensures flexible control over the vehicle’s dynamics, with damping force adjustments of over 6,000 N completed in an astonishing 0.01 seconds. The EL6 also introduces NIO’s Intelligent Smooth Stop (ISS) feature, automatically adjusting braking force for seamless and safe deceleration.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Pioneering Safety and Intelligence

Equipped with NIO AQUILA Super Sensing, comprising 33 high-performance sensing units, and NIO ADAM Super Computing featuring four NVIDIA Drive Orin X chips, the EL6 boasts exceptional computing power of 1,016 TOPS. Standard features include a Heads-up Display (HUD) and intelligent Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) headlights. Supported by the AQUILA Super Sensing system, the LiDAR collaborates with front-view cameras to detect road conditions accurately. The lighting system adapts accordingly to ensure optimal beam distribution, prioritizing safety while avoiding interference with other road users.

Distinctive Personalization: Your Signature Style

The EL6 offers a diverse range of customization options, with ten captivating body colors and four interior themes. Two exclusive shades, Galaxy Shadow for the exterior and Warm Gravel for the interior, allow for a truly unique and personal touch.


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