2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464

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Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition W464

  • Celebrating 30 years of performance, Mercedes-Benz introduces the limited "Final Edition" of the 2023 G 500.
  • The G 500 Final Edition pays homage to the trendsetting luxury off-roader that debuted with a V8 engine in 1993.
  • Available in three exclusive color variants, each limited to 500 units: obsidian black, opalith white magno, and olive magno.
  • The Final Edition features 20-inch AMG light-alloy wheels with a 5-twin-spoke design, painted to match the body color.
  • Distinctive "FINAL EDITION" lettering adorns various parts of the vehicle, showcasing its exclusivity.
  • The MANUFAKTUR logo package adds sophistication with embossed doorknobs and a logo projector on the exterior mirrors.
  • A high-gloss chrome spare wheel ring and body-colored add-on parts enhance the limited special model's exclusivity.
  • The interior of the Final Edition boasts illuminated "FINAL EDITION" lettering, genuine silver coin key attachment, and luxurious Nappa leather upholstery.
  • The MANUFAKTUR full leather package adorns almost every inch of the interior, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.
  • The 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition is now available for ordering, starting at a price of 196,350 euros.

30 years ago, Mercedes-Benz revolutionized the G-Class by introducing its first eight-cylinder engine, the powerful 500 GE V8. This exclusive model, launched in 1993, marked a significant milestone in the history of refined performance, both on and off the road. Now, Mercedes-Benz proudly commemorates the G 500's 30th birthday with the limited "Final Edition," available in three stunning color variants, each restricted to only 500 units. Enthusiasts can choose from the sleek obsidian black metallic, the elegant opalith white magno, or the all-new olive magno MANUFAKTUR paint.

"The Final Edition is our special gift to the G 500 on its 30th anniversary. Back in 1993, it set the trend and paved the way for luxurious high-end off-roaders in the automotive industry. With its exclusive features, this limited special model bids farewell to the V8 biturbo engine in the G 500," explains Dr. Emmerich Schiller, Chairman of the Managing Board of Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Head of the Off-Road Vehicle Division at Mercedes-Benz.

Distinguished by 20-inch AMG light-alloy wheels in a stylish 5-twin-spoke design, the "Final Edition" showcases body-colored wheels with a high-sheen finish for the olive magno variant, while the other two options feature black wheels with the same high-sheen finish. In addition, this special model boasts eye-catching "FINAL EDITION" lettering, meticulously placed throughout the vehicle, from the outer protective strip to the insert in the spare wheel cover. The MANUFAKTUR logo package adds an extra touch of sophistication, with doorknobs bearing an embossed logo. Moreover, the exterior mirrors feature a logo projector that illuminates the "G" logo and the phrase "STRONGER THAN TIME" onto the ground when the vehicle is stationary. The spare wheel ring in high-gloss chrome, along with other body-colored and high-gloss chrome add-on parts, further enhance the exclusivity of this limited special model. As an added bonus, buyers will receive an exclusive indoor car cover adorned with "STRONGER THAN TIME" lettering to ensure the vehicle remains protected from dust and scratches.

Renowned for its luxurious interior, the G 500 "Final Edition" upholds this tradition. Stepping inside, occupants are greeted by illuminated "FINAL EDITION" lettering on the door sill trims, creating an elegant ambiance. The same lettering adorns the insert of the passenger grab handle, reinforcing the model's exclusivity. Adding a touch of opulence, the vehicle key features a genuine silver coin in the form of a special-edition plaque. As for standard features, the "Final Edition" includes the Superior Line, complete with the Burmester® surround sound system, the Active Multicontour Seat Package Plus, and seats upholstered in exquisite two-tone MANUFAKTUR Nappa leather.

Unveiling the MANUFAKTUR full leather package: Exclusive luxury for the "Final Edition"

Exclusively available for the G 500 "Final Edition," the new MANUFAKTUR full leather package exemplifies true craftsmanship and is meticulously tailored to complement the exterior paintwork. The name itself speaks volumes: nearly every inch of the interior is adorned with lavish Nappa leather, from the luggage compartment to the roof lining and even the panels on the seat adjustment switches. The center section of the headliner mirrors the seat center panel, featuring an exquisite diamond design. In the obsidian black metallic variant, the center section comes in titanium grey pearl/black, while the opalith white magno version boasts platinum white/black, and the olive magno lacquered variant showcases espresso brown/black.

The extraordinary 2023 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Final Edition can now be ordered, starting at a price of 196,350 euros.


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