2023 Honda Prelude Concept

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About the Car

2023 Honda Prelude Concept

  • Honda presented a 2023 Prelude Concept previewing future sports models

  • Prelude nameplate returns after discontinuation in 2001

  • Concept aims to recapture exhilarating driving dynamics of past Hondas

  • Details remain limited but model promises an electrifying experience

  • Concept generated excitement about Honda's electrified sports car future

  • Focus expected on agile handling based on Honda's heritage

  • Concept represents a transition to electric era for Honda sports cars

  • Model will pave the way for future electrified performance Hondas

  • Concept embodies Honda's commitment to delivering joy of driving

  • Additional details likely to emerge as concept nears production

Honda has a long history of producing exciting sports cars that deliver an incredible driving experience. During a recent business briefing, Honda provided a sneak peek at an upcoming sports car concept that will pave the way for future Honda sports models - the 2023 Honda Prelude Concept.

A Return to Honda Sports Car Roots

The Prelude name will be familiar to enthusiasts. Honda produced the Prelude sports coupe from 1978 to 2001. The new Prelude Concept represents a return to Honda's sports car roots. It aims to recapture the exhilarating joy of driving that Honda sports cars are known for.

Excitement for the Future

Honda stated that the Prelude Concept offers extraordinary excitement that drivers have never felt before. As a precursor to future electrified Honda sports cars, it will bring the joy of driving into the electric era. The concept model embodies Honda's unwavering sports car ethos.

Details on the 2023 Prelude Concept

Full details on the 2023 Prelude Concept are scarce for now. However, Honda indicated that the model will deliver an enthralling driving experience. Development work is actively underway. The Prelude Concept generated plenty of anticipation for the future of Honda sports cars.

While details remain limited, the Prelude Concept provides a glimpse of Honda's electrified sports car future. It's reasonable to expect a focus on agile handling and driver engagement based on Honda's sports car heritage. More details will likely emerge as the concept model nears production. For now, the Prelude Concept has sparked new excitement and rumors about the return of the Prelude nameplate.


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