2020 Citroen C3 UK Version

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Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2020 Citroen C3 UK Version - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2020 Citroen C3 UK Version

The C3 is Citroën’s best-selling model, in the top five in the B segment in Europe, as of the end of December 2019. The charismatic and charming C3 is continuing its offensive in its highly competitive segment, by strengthening its unique design, its colourful personality and its unparalleled comfort. The model that gave new drive and energy to the brand in 2016 has since appealed to over 750,000 customers around the world. An “Inspired By You” formula for success, C3 intends to continue its expansion by targeting urban and suburban young people who are creative, optimistic and who are constantly on the go. The model also has strong appeal for fleet and business customers. Within this segment, C3 saw its registrations increase by 12.6% in 2019.

With this change, Citroën’s desire to stand out from the crowd is even more intense. New C3 is the most customisable and comfortable hatch in the segment.

2020 Citroen C3 - UK Version

New design to cultivate the difference

With its assertive style and unique shape within a busy segment, New Citroën C3 continues to shake up the market. The bold style of its new front end, which showcases the new brand signature, was inspired by the CXPERIENCE Concept. New C3 also gains new LED headlights, new 17-inch alloy wheels and new Airbump® designs providing an impressive new look.

Extended customisation potential

“Inspired By You”, Citroën allows everyone to tailor their car to their desired style. New C3’s customisation range extends to 97 combinations, offering a choice of coordinated colour packs centred around four bi-tone roof colours, along with new body colours (Elixir Red & Spring Blue), new exterior trims and the brand-new ‘Techwood’ interior ambiance.


New Citroën C3 has been designed to make every journey a relaxing and pleasant experience.

A feeling of well-being on-board enhanced by new Citroën Advanced Comfort seats, supplementing a smooth ride and outstanding driving manners (ride quality, steering).

An easy-going model, with modern technologies combining serenity and modernity. New C3 offers front parking sensors (new) and connected services aiming to improve the driver and passenger experience (Connect Assist, Connect Nav, Connect Play). Equipment that complements the already long list of 11 driving aids for added comfort – including hill start assist, active safety brake, road sign recognition and automatic switching of main beam headlights – providing key safety technologies and peace of mind for customers.


A versatile city car, the 3rd generation Citroën C3 has many advantages that have won over 750,000 customers worldwide since its launch. Immediately recognisable since 2016, New C3’s stylistic language is renewed for 2020. C3 has a new attitude, a different graphic signature, and a unique shape in a crowded and highly competitive market.


Citroën C3’s new front end marks a new stage of styling within the Citroën range.

This new front end, inspired directly by the CXPERIENCE, the concept car presented at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, is recognisable right from the first glance. It gives New C3 a new bold, raised look and enhances its personality. The new signature, reflecting the Citroën identity, changes here to accentuate the perception of the height of the bonnet. The chevrons and the chrome extend to the LED daytime running lights (depending on the trim levels) and highlights the width of the car. The new headlamps offer a technological look and are equipped with LEDson all trim levels. Furthermore, a touch of colour is provided by the inserts surrounding the fog lights.

New rear quarter panel patterns – a shape reminiscent of the design of the Airbump® capsules – underline the graphic consistency of the car and establish its profile.

The back of the car retains smooth surfaces highlighting the rear lights, whose 3D effect technological light signature brings a defined look to New Citroën C3. At the centre of the tailgate, gloss black chevrons with a chrome surround feature to provide a contemporary look to the rear.

2020 Citroen C3 – UK Version Front View 3/4

2020 Citroen C3 - UK Version


New Citroën C3’s style is evolving, with a striking silhouette, providing a more powerful stance to the car.

  • A prominent front end design. Certainly charismatic, it gives New C3 a completely confident look for a compact size, measuring 3.99m long. The side view highlights the floating roof supported by black windscreen pillars, while the lines of the horizontal window weather-strips are in line with the deliberately high bonnet.
  • Side Airbump® (dependent on version). A true graphic signature, they protect the bodywork whilst emphasising the vehicle’s style. Redesigned, they are made up of a set of three capsules positioned at the bottom of the doors, featuring a colourful insert according to the Colour Pack chosen by the customer.
  • Large diameter wheels (dependent on version). Up to 17-inches, reinforce the car’s unique character.
  • Wheel arch extensions (dependent on version). The wide wheel arches emphasise the generously curved front and rear wings of the car, further adding to the road presence of New C3.


At its launch in 2016, C3 offered its customers a comprehensive and coherent customisation offer at the heart of the mainstream market. A feature that became a marker of Citroën’s positioning across the rest of the range. New C3 further increases the possibilities for the customer to personalise their vehicle.

Faithful to the “Inspired By You” signature, customisation makes it possible for everyone to fully assert their personality and style, with an exterior look that can vary from discreet to trendy, and the opportunity to jazz up a classic tint with a contrasted roof colour and coloured inserts. The door mirrors and quarter panel trims are the same colour as the roof panel for a coherent look to the New Citroën C3.


Consistent with the Citroën “Inspired by You” brand message, NewC3 extends its customisation potential, increasing from 36 to 97 combinations. This includes new body colours, new bi-tone choices (incorporating the roof, door mirrors and the rear quarter panel trim), new coloured inserts around the fog lights and the Airbump® panels, as well as new graphic trims decorating the roof for an ever more distinctive presentation.

In short, New C3 reinforces its position as one of the most customisable car in its segment, thanks to its:

  • Seven body colours: including two bright new colours – Elixir Red and Spring Blue – in addition to the colours that are already well known (Perla Nera Black, Cumulus Grey, Platinum Grey, Soft Sand, Polar White).
  • Four Colour Packs: coloured inserts including fog lamp and Airbump®Emerald is added to Black, White and Red. The Colour Packs are coordinated with the four roof colours: including one new Emerald colour (in addition to Opal White, Onyx Black, Aden Red). Roof colours are similarly coordinated with the colour of the wing mirrors and the quarter panel trim.
  • Three roof decors: with the introduction of new graphic themes (Red, Techwood, Emerald) in the form of decals on the roof capsule and the quarter panel trim.

Citroën C3 also introduces the new 17-inch ‘Vector’ alloy wheels (depending on the versions) that strengthen its character in profile.


The customisation programme is also featured inside New C3, a space offering peace of mind, with a nod to the world of La Maison Citroën (Techwood colour scheme) and Scandinavian furniture.

New Citroën C3’s interior goes upmarket and immerses the occupants in a ‘cosy’ bubble. New C3 has a thoughtfully designed dashboard that creates a feeling of warmth from its colour and materials treatment, in harmony with the doors or seats for a consistent overall look.

Techwood ambience (NEW):high-end colour ambience with soft-touch materials and special stitching. The marriage of an elegant dashboard strip with a ‘lightwood’ appearance (links to the CXPERIENCE Concept) and a light coloured trim on the upper part of the seats (fabric strip inspired by the dashboard trim with topstitching) provides elegance and warmth in the passenger compartment.

2020 Citroen C3 – UK Version Interior Details


To make its best-seller ever more alluring, and to allow customers to feel ‘at home’ behind the wheel, the designers of New C3 have made no compromises to comfort on-board, applying Citroën Advanced Comfort® knowhow to the interior design.

A true living space, able to accommodate up to five people, New C3 has changed for even greater on-board well-being and capitalises on its strengths.


Agile, compact and versatile, this five-door hatch, which benefits from a compact length (3.99 m), asserts its driving style thanks to its suspension, which is a gold standard in the segment, and with the care taken with the acoustic treatment. A combination of a uniquely hushed atmosphere and a typical Citroën signature at the wheel. New C3 also benefits from a cocoon effect that filters the outside world and insulates passengers from the road.


What makes New Citroën C3 stand out? It is the brand’s distinctive form of comfort. Bringing comfort into a new dimension. The wide and generous seats of New C3 have been carefully crafted. Like its siblings C5 Aircross SUV and C4 Cactus Hatch, New C3 features Advanced Comfort seats: a true Citroën innovation.

These generous seats – which feel almost like an armchair – provide enhanced comfort, both visually and in terms of posture with a padding graphic effect and lumbar support (adjustable on the driver’s side).

From the first contact, the comfort approach is felt with a special foam on the surface and thickened fabric (the foam changes from 2mm to 15mm) for unrivalled softness.

When travelling, the occupants of New C3 enjoy support at the heart of the seat, for a better driving experience and advanced comfort.

In addition, New C3 now features an armrest on the driver’s side for greater everyday comfort (NEW, available on optional ambiences or as standard depending on version).


Right from the entry level, New C3 expresses well-being thanks to its generous and welcoming interior. It offers an immediate impression of space, due to the design of the horizontal dashboard and the design of the seats, which is confirmed with an interior width of 1,379mm. In the second row, legroom is unrivalled taking interior comfort to the next level.

Designed to be a ‘home from home’, New C3 is easy-going for everyday use. The storage areas have been designed in the most functional way possible to allow interior harmony. New C3 offers a clever central storage area that allows for maximum space at the front of the vehicle. The light colour chosen for the interior of these storage areas contrasts with the objects left in the cubby boxes, so you can find them more easily. Finally, there is no compromise on the boot space, as New C3 has a generous boot volume of 300-litres.

2020 Citroen C3 – UK Version Side View


New C3 also promotes an easier on-board experience. Guided by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the design of New C3 highlights the ergonomics of the controls, showcasing the cars driving information and intuitive technologies. Inspired by its customers and their way of experiencing their car, New C3 makes life easier every day thanks to its range of comfort and safety equipment.

New C3 offers no fewer than 11 driver assistance technologies that are practical for a hassle-free driving experience:

  • NEW – FRONT PARKING ASSIST: designed for easier urban driving, this system includes six front park assist sensors that are triggered in the form of an audible warning.
  • ACTIVE SAFETY BRAKE: this emergency braking system limits the risk of collision. It operates from 3mph with fixed or moving objects and with pedestrians. If there is no driver reaction after the collision risk warning, the system automatically slows the vehicle.
  • COFFEE BREAK ALERT: the system warns the driver when it is time to take a break, after two hours of non-stop driving at more than 40 mph.
  • DRIVER ATTENTION ALERT: this system assesses the driver’s vigilance by identifying the trajectory deviations in relation to the road markings. This function is particularly suited to fast roads at speeds above 40 mph.
  • INTELLIGENT BEAM HEADLIGHTS: this function switches between the main beam and dipped beam lights, depending on the traffic, when a car is detected.
  • REVERSING CAMERA with parking sensors: when reverse gear is engaged, this camera displays the rear view on the main screen. The view is accompanied by coloured markings, which vary depending on the proximity to an obstacle. A real expanded view to make manoeuvring easier.
  • HILL-START ASSIST:this assistance facilitates hill starts. This prevents the undesired movement of the vehicle on a slope when the brake pedal is released and acts on slopes greater than 3% by stabilising the car for two seconds.
  • LANE DEPARTURE WARNING: this system is used to combat drowsiness or a simple moment of inattention when driving at speeds above 37mph. When the car crosses a white line without the indicator having been activated, the system computer triggers an alert. The driver is then alerted by sound beeps and a visual alert when the line is crossed.
  • BLIND SPOT MONITORING SYSTEM: this system indicates, via a pictogram in the wing mirrors, the presence of a vehicle in one of the blind spots. Working on the same principle as rear parking sensors, this function represents a major safety benefit, especially on routes like urban motorways.
  • SPEED LIMIT SIGN RECOGNITION AND RECOMMENDATION: the system recognises speed limit signs and gives this information to the driver. This speed can be recorded as a setpoint for the cruise control/speed limiter. It operates over the whole speed range. The system also detects end-of-limit signs.
  • CRUISE CONTROL / SPEED LIMITER: the speed can be used to set the speed limiter/cruise control.


New Citroën C3 focuses on modernity and flexibility by offering connected services with: Connect Assist (safety and assistance), Connect Nav (navigation) and Connect Play (infotainment).

This package of services is part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, with the aim of providing access to connected services quickly and intuitively for the customer, while meeting three key requirements: optimal safety, easy navigation and an amplified connected experience.


For the safety of the driver and passengers, New C3 comes with Assistance & SOS.

Automatic call or manually pressing the “Assistance” button: if necessary, this service allows a driver to be put in contact with a dedicated call centre.

2020 Citroen C3 – UK Version Wheels

2020 Citroen C3 - UK VersionTwo possibilities in the event of an emergency:

  • In the event of an accidentwith activation of airbags: an automatic call is made to the emergency service, informing them of the vehicle’s location.
  • If it is a light accident or if someone feels unwell, the driver can press the red “SOS” button to send a message to the emergency service that containsthe identification of the vehicle and its exact location.

Connect Assist allows you to connect the brand’s My Citroën app to the vehicle, thus have access to vehicle data such as driving range, parking location, mileage, next service.


New C3 highlights the technology with its 7-inch touchscreen, incorporating all the functions intuitively.

Located in the centre of the dashboard, this panoramic capacitive screen has a new ‘glossyappearance’ for a more technological The tablet features a ‘rib’ at the bottom, which supports the hand and guarantees optimal use.

The Connect Nav touchscreen can also be controlled by voice recognition and allows customers to interact with the following areas: Navigation, Telephone, Radio.

TomTom® Live Traffic provides real-time traffic information so that you can find the best route. The location and prices of fuel at service stations and of car parks, weather information and local search for points of interest are also shown.

Users will also appreciate the free three-year subscription to visual and sound reporting of speed cameras and danger zones (according to current legislation in the countries).


The Mirror Screen technology compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto allows a smartphone to be easily connected. The driver can then find his/her multimedia content directly and control the smartphone and compatible apps from the touchscreen tablet on the dashboard. In order to guarantee driver safety, only driving functionalities are accessible.

New C3 has a Citroën technology combining sharing and peace of mind: the ConnectedCAM Citroën®. This perfectly integrated connected camera makes it possible to capture images or videos (up to 20 seconds) and post them on social networks via the free ConnectedCAM Citroën® app, or to keep them for private use. With a wide 120° angle, full HD, 2 million pixels, GPS and 16 GB internal memory, it can also be useful for the driver after a road traffic incident, to provide evidence. In the event of an impact, recording is automatically activated, and allows you to save 90 seconds of footage during the incident (30 seconds before and 60 seconds after contact took place).

2020 Citroen C3 – UK Version Rear View 3/4

2020 Citroen C3 - UK Version


Particularly agile thanks to its 10.7m turning circle, New Citroën C3 measures 3.99m and offers optimal compactness, especially for urban areas. It has five doors and five seats, which makes it practical in all circumstances. Offering real driving pleasure in town with real open-road abilities, New C3 adapts precisely to every short or long distance journey, whether that is taking the kids to their sports event or a weekend away with friends.

It has high-performance, efficient and economical latest-generation engines certified according to the Euro 6 emissions standard:

  • 3-cylinder PureTech 83 petrol (PureTech 83 S&S 5-speed manual) and 110 (PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual gearbox)
  • Diesel BlueHDi 100 (BlueHDi 100 S&S 5-speed manual gearbox)

In addition, for ever-greater flexibility and peace of mind at the wheel, New C3 is also available with the EAT6 automatic gearbox (PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 Auto).


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