2019 Peugeot Rifter

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Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2019 Peugeot Rifter - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2019 Peugeot Rifter

Fully anchored in the distinct, premium style of the brand’s latest creations, the new Peugeot Rifter adopts a resolutely innovative silhouette, solidly built for everyday adventures.

The Peugeot Rifter successfully achieved a style that is equal parts robust and sleek. Its spirit of wanderlust makes it at home anywhere, from the urban jungle to authentic natural environments.

Equipped with the Peugeot i-Cockpit®, the new Peugeot Rifter lives up to the promise of providing an intense driving experience, unprecedented in its category, and in all circumstances.

Built on a new platform, the new Peugeot Rifter has the resilience and endurance to accommodate even the most demanding of uses. It is available in two lengths, with 5 or 7 seats, and combines versatility, modularity and practicality. It features efficient engines and latest-generation technical equipment.

The Peugeot Rifter is an experienced adventurer built to live each day intensely, designed to inspire everyday explorers.

A new name for an unprecedented silhouette

Peugeot has given a unique name to this new offer in its passenger car range. Short and impactful, the name Peugeot Rifter, immediately transports you to the outdoor world and uses.

Peugeot revolutionises the segment’s offer. While retaining the fundamentals, the new Peugeot Rifter goes further, adding a strong and dynamic personality and an assertive posture.

A powerful and compact exterior design with an assertive personality

The Peugeot Rifter’s connection to the range of Peugeot passenger vehicles is highlighted.

Its modern and robust front end displays the Lion in the centre of a vertical grille that characterises the latest vehicles in the range. Its feline look features LED signature lighting at the centre of the headlamps.

Its profile asserts the style’s strength. The proportions are perfectly balanced, with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high body belt line and shortened overhangs. The roof bars are clearly part of the design and carefully integrated, and their base is open to enable strapping objects.

The symmetrical bevelled edge shapes on either end, in the front and rear, can be seen on the doors and windows, giving this kind of silhouette a new design. The notched wheel arch trims also add to the vehicle’s athletic feel. The new Peugeot Rifter rests firmly on its support structures. 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels are available on some versions.

The rear features a large tailgate opening onto a spacious boot. The connection to the vehicle range is made clear by the Peugeot-style three claw marks on the rear lamps. The angular-design bumper enhances the lower section and offers optimal protection daily.

The new Peugeot Rifter borrowed some of the stylistic and functional characteristics of the SUV world: a high ride height, large wheels, large door sill, body sill, wheel arch and rear bumper protections, and front and rear stop blocks.

These attributes contribute to asserting its personality and enable it to take advantage of its new versatility: dynamic compactness for cities, and strength and power for escapes to the great outdoors and long trips.

For those who think even bigger, the Peugeot Rifter offers a long version option (+35 centimetres) that is unprecedented in terms of interior space and practicality.

The sleek, dynamic style of the Peugeot Rifter’s exterior may surprise you with its strong identity and embody the modernity and prestige of its driver, but its interior is just as unexpected.

A clean, refined interior with the Peugeot i-Cockpit®

The interior design of the new Peugeot Rifter is unique on the market. It showcases the Peugeot Rifter’s connection to the brand right away.

The Peugeot i-Cockpit® hallmark is a harmonious, resolutely contemporaneous interior space with a balance of clean lines, visible technology and an unprecedented finish quality.

The Peugeot i-Cockpit® opens the way to a driving experience acclaimed by more than four million customers. It offers a stimulating and intuitive driving experience daily, supported by the following components:

  • A compact steering wheel with two flat parts for a better grip and improved handling
  • An 8-inch capacitative touchscreen within your reach and field of vision
  • A head-up display with a design enhanced by chrome-plated surrounds and elegant red needles. It features a colour screen for better legibility.

The cockpit, finely crafted down to the last detail, namely comprises elegant chrome-plated switches to adjust the air conditioning. They are directly within reach and surround the temperature display with a pure white colour.

On some versions, a backup electric brake frees up space on the centre console which can be used as a large storage area.

Everything is optimised for the driver’s pleasure and focus, in a passenger compartment combining practicality and elegance.

An extra dose of style with the GT Line finish

The GT Line version of the Peugeot Rifter is elegant and dynamic, and completes Peugeot’s GT Line range.

Resolutely distinctive, the GT Line version features specific Onyx Black characteristics such as the outline of the radiator grille, the rearview mirror casings, the roof bars, and even inserts in the side strips.

This exclusive style is complemented by 17-inch “Aoraki” diamond-cut alloy wheels and GT Line name plates with a copper finish on the front wings and tailgate.

The main characteristics of this interior finish are a leather steering wheel, dashboard components enhanced with “Quente Brown” paint, “Tissu Casual” upholstery and the chequered background of the dials.

The Peugeot Rifter elegantly displays its explorer DNA, inviting you to experience complete freedom of action every single day.

Driving pleasure 100% Peugeot

Driving pleasure is in the brand’s genes.

The new Peugeot Rifter was designed on the EMP2 platform known for its dynamic qualities. Associated with specific developments in the rear section to favour modularity and load, it offers the Peugeot Rifter a combination of comfort and behaviour on a level never before seen on this segment.

The roadholding is ensured by a Pseudo MacPherson front suspension and a rear suspension with a deformable cross beam. To offer a road feel worthy of the brand, the suspensions and steering benefit from specific adjustments.

The Peugeot i-Cockpit®, the high driving position and the turning radius of 10.9 m guarantee next-level agility and excellent handling for genuine driving pleasure. The higher ground clearance enables “all-terrain” driveability according to your whims.

Even greater capabilities

The most adventurous drivers can venture off the beaten tracks by opting for the Advanced Grip Control. Associated with the MICHELIN LATTITUDE TOUR tyres, the Mud & Snow tyres improve traction control through continuous action on wheel spin. It also works in combination with the Hill Assist Descent Control (HADC), which automatically maintains optimal speed on steep slopes.

A 4-wheel drive version developed with our long-time partner, DANGEL, is available as an option for the Peugeot Rifter range.

For the vehicle to accommodate the most demanding of uses, robustness and endurance were also subject to particular attention, with in-depth tests on all types of terrains and climates.

A range of high-performance engines

The work achieved on the vehicle’s architecture and on the optimisation of its mass is a determining factor in the perpetual quest to reduce CO2 emissions and consumption.

The efficiency of the engines offered is therefore top-notch. These engines meet the latest Euro 6.c standard and are already set to meet the future WLTC driving cycle standards.

With the petrol option, two versions of the 1.2 PureTech engine are available:

  • PureTech 130ch S&S with an 8-speed automatic gearbox / EAT8 (available in 2019)
  • PureTech 110ch S&S with a 5-speed manual gearbox, also available in a very low consumption version.

The PureTech 130 includes a Gasoline Particulate Filter to reduce particle emissions.

With the diesel option, three 1.5 BlueHDi engine powers are available:

  • BlueHDi 130ch S&S with a 6-speed manual gearbox or 8-speed automatic gearbox / EAT8
  • BlueHDi 100ch with a 5-speed manual gearbox, also available in S&S very low consumption version
  • BlueHDi 75ch with a 5-speed manual gearbox

The Diesel engines are all equipped with a particle filter and selective catalytic reduction system. This technology enables emission control upon starting the engine and without requiring a particle filter additive.

The best level of technology

As it meets the needs of everyday life, the new Peugeot Rifter naturally benefits from the brand’s latest technological advances.

The list of technological equipments is impressive and unprecedented on this segment, and includes the following, depending on the versions:

  • A backup electric brake. A large storage area takes the place of the handbrake, optimising the space on board as well as the practicality.
  • An adaptive cruise control maintains the programmed speed and adapts the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. With the 8-gear automatic gearboxes, it is possible to come to a full stop.
  • Widened recognition of road signs displays the maximum speed detected and offers to adjust the speed limiter/cruise control.
  • An active lane departure warning system corrects the trajectory in the event of driver inattention.
  • A driver attention warning using camera surveillance to analyse driver behaviour and steering wheel movements. An audible and visual warning goes off when a lapse in attention is detected.
  • The Active Safety Brake is triggered if a risk of collision is detected.
  • A tow bar stability control system stabilises the trailer to attenuate drifting movements or slow down the vehicle if necessary.
  • Automatic activation of main and dipped headlamps.
  • The “Visiopark 180°” reversing camera shows the back view at a 180-degree angle with the option to display a classic (bird’s-eye) 180° view or zoom in when in immediate proximity to an obstacle.
  • The blind spot monitoring system, with alerts for the door mirrors.
  • Keyless entry and engine start.

Latest-generation infotainment

A large, 8″ colour touchscreen ensures connectivity. Positioned within arm’s reach, it includes two USB ports, a jack socket, Bluetooth connection and a wireless charger. The system is complemented by a Mirror Screen compatible with Mirror Link, Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Connected 3D navigation is linked to voice command and enables searching for points of interest in a simple, intuitive way. It takes into account real-time traffic conditions (TomTom Traffic). It can display car parks, gas stations and the local weather.

Smart functionality

The new Peugeot Rifter offers a modular and easily adaptable volume.

The optimisation of the architecture makes the 5- and 7-seat versions available in each of the two lengths, Standard (4.40 m) and Long (4.75 m). The latter adds more length to both the base and overhang for ideal interior space.

Each of the 3 seats in row 2 can hold a child seat. They can very easily be folded away into the floor from the boot via the “Magic Flat” command (available in the second quarter of 2019).

In the Long version, the 2 individual seats on row 3 can slide and be removed to adapt to all situations and prioritise either boot volume or leg room for the passengers.

Loading on long objects is easy, as the front passenger seat can be folded away into the floor.

The boot of the Peugeot Rifter has a loading capacity ranging from 775 litres under shelf in the 5-seat, standard length version and up to 4,000 litres under ceiling in the long version with the seats down.

The cargo cover tray has two different settings to help manage boot space. It can be put away behind the back of the seats in row 2.

The driver and passengers benefit from a number of spacious, easy-access storage areas. They are spread throughout the interior space, on the centre console, in the front overhead space, in the door panels, on rows 1 and 2, and in the boot.

The “Bag In Roof” type front passenger airbag innovatively integrated into the roof cover enables the creation of an enclosed, refrigerated, high-capacity storage space. The maximum storage capacity is unprecedented for this type of vehicle: up to 186 litres depending on the version.

Since its appearance in 2002, the emblematic Zénith® roof has evolved over the course of generations to become increasingly appealing. Acclaimed by customers, it now features a single-part sunroof concealable via an electric blind. Across it is a floating, semi-transparent arch with storage compartments. This increases the luminosity of the passenger compartment.

The arch can hold up to 14 litres of items. It is directly connected to the roof storage compartment (accessible from row 2 or the boot) and to the overhead storage space. Outlined with LED ambient lighting, it enhances the modernity feel of the interior.+

Easy everyday life

The optimisation of the sliding side doors enables easy access on board through a larger opening. The new architecture of the rails now preserves the space inside the passenger compartment by eliminating the bump at the level of the shoulders and features better visual integration.

Unique in this category, the large tailgate still includes an opening rear window. This practical component enables access to the boot without opening the boot lid. This feature is particularly useful to pick up an item left on the tray or when the car is parked near an obstacle.


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