2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class

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Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class

With its progressive design, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class manages the fine balance between being both robust and stylish. As such, it brings a wind of change to the mid-size pickup segment, opening it up to new customer groups. The X-Class embodies the new and enhanced Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity. Its purist design emphasises the surfaces and features stripped-down, extremely precise design elements to create an emotive, elongated silhouette packed with dynamic energy – and almost unlimited functionality. In order to serve the needs of different customer groups effectively, there are three design and equipment lines to choose from. These vary in terms of design and scope of functions: the PURE variant is designed for conventional use as a rugged pickup, the PROGRESSIVE meets higher requirements in terms of quality feel and comfort, and the POWER is the high-end variant for urban lifestyles.

The X-Class’s design draws attention to the basic virtues of a pickup – robustness, strength and off-road capability – in an emotionally appealing way. Even the dimensions themselves exude effortless superiority with a length of 5340 millimetres, a width of 1920 millimetres (excluding the outside mirrors) and a height of 1819 millimetres. Both physically imposing and hardworking, the X-Class can haul a payload of up to 1.1 tonnes. That is enough to transport 17 full 50-litre barrels of beer in the cargo area. Able to tow up to 3.5 tonnes, it can pull a trailer containing three horses or an eight-metre yacht.


Athletic and long vehicle body

Thanks to its long 3150-millimetre wheelbase, the short and cladded front overhang, the backward shifted passenger compartment and the very long rear overhang, the pickup has an elongated vehicle body which exudes pure dynamism. The design of the side windows with their dynamic kink along the beltline and taut lines contrasting with muscular, sculpted surfaces also allude to the longitudinal dynamics. Widely flared wheel arches, the commanding front and the purist design of the rear all accentuate the impression of width. Together they give the pickup a powerful on-road presence and make reference to the X-Class’s excellent lateral dynamics.

Powerful and commanding front with three different characters

The front has the masterful looks of one of the brand’s typical SUVs – with the centrally positioned star, twin-louvre radiator grille, high and powerfully honed bonnet and the headlamps extending far into the wings. The front apron emphasises width and has its own distinct character depending on the chosen design and equipment line. In the PURE basic variant it is unpainted and thus shock and scratch resistant. With the PROGRESSIVE design and equipment line it is painted in the vehicle colour. The POWER high-end variant likewise has a bumper painted in the vehicle colour and also comes with a chromed underbody panelling.

The headlamps with their design idiom, clearly defined contours and high-quality modelled details are another compelling visual feature. The POWER line is equipped with LED High Performance headlamps as standard. Besides their striking look with the brand’s hallmark torch effect, they provide extra safety at night and in poor weather conditions. The headlamp unit also contains LED side lights and daytime running lights. High beam on the inside works using a reflector system and low beam on the outside uses projector-beam technology.

Rounding off the unmistakeable face of the Mercedes-Benz pickup are two standard-fit fog lamps in the front apron, which blend in harmoniously in the overall front design.

Purist design for the rear with bumper including step as standard

Like the front apron, the rear bumper also varies depending on the selected design and equipment line: it is painted black for the PURE line and in the vehicle colour for the PROGRESSIVE line. The POWER line has a chromed bumper for a particularly classy look. To conveniently access the cargo area for loading and unloading, the bumper has an integral step. If the standard 90-degree tailgate opening is not adequate, as an option the X-Class can be ordered without the rear bumper. Then the tailgate opens to 180 degrees.

In terms of width, the load bed is designed in such a way that a Euro-pallet can be loaded straight between the wheel arches. The X-Class is the only mid-size pickup to be equipped with lighting in the cargo area as standard. The third brake light contains LED lights which illuminate the whole load bed. Operation is by a switch in the centre console. As soon as the ignition is switched on, those lights turn off automatically. A 12-volt socket to power additional equipment such as compressors, for example, is also part of the standard equipment in the load bed.

Wide variety of paint colours and wheel rim designs

There are nine attractive exterior colours to choose from across all three design and equipment lines: the standard paint finishes danakil red, chisana white and granite green, as well as the metallic paint finishes kabara black, axinite bronze, rock grey, cavansite blue, diamond silver and bering white.

Exclusive 17, 18 or 19-inch wheel rims are available to complement the model variants. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class PURE comes with 17-inch steel wheels as standard with a design featuring 12 holes. The X-Class PROGRESSIVE has 17-inch six-spoke light-alloy wheels in vanadium silver, while the X-Class POWER comes with 18-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in himalayas grey. In total, there are six different wheel rims to choose from. Depending on the selected line these may come as standard or be available as an option:

  • 17-inch six-spoke light-alloy wheels in vanadium silver or six-twin-spoke in black with a high-sheen finish
  • 18-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in himalayas grey or five-twin-spoke in black with a high-sheen finish
  • 19-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in black with a high-sheen finish or multi-spoke in tremolite grey with a high-sheen finish (PROGRESSIVE and POWER)

Style Packages and accessories for individual character types

There is a specific Style Package for each of the PROGRESSIVE and POWER lines, enabling further individualisation. For example, side running boards and an electrically opening rear window can be added to the X-Class. What’s more, Mercedes-Benz has designed an extensive range of accessories so that customers can individually customise their X-Class even further. If required, the design, functionality or off-road capability can be enhanced to suit specific tastes and needs. For example, there is a choice of soft tonneau cover, hard tonneau cover or roll cover, as well as a canopy which makes the pickup look like an SUV. It continues the vehicle’s lines perfectly, merging with the vehicle body to create a distinctive silhouette. Other options include a bed liner and a technical underguard.

New benchmark in comfort and quality feel

In the interior, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class elevates comfort and quality feel to a new level within the segment for mid-size pickups. The Mercedes-specific cockpit features a large trim element, round ventilation outlets and a freestanding central display. Thanks to its clear design, it exudes high quality and a sense of modern luxury. When it comes to selecting materials, the PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER design and equipment lines offer plenty of scope for further differentiation – from grained plastic to the woodgrain effect, from hard-wearing fabric to genuine leather with stylish contrasting topstitching. With a total of three trim parts for the cockpit, six seat covers including two leather variants with contrasting topstitching, and two colours for the roof lining, the X-Class provides the widest choice of materials and colours in this vehicle segment. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz pickup stands out for its comfort and generous amount of space for up to five people.

Emphasising width, the clear interior shape of the X-Class radiates strength and exclusivity simultaneously. The instrument panel has a dynamic form with a concave trim element stretching across its entire width – a novel feature in this vehicle segment. It creates an open feel and purist modernity. There are three trim variants to choose from for the X-Class POWER: a pixelated look in matt black, an aluminium effect with longitudinal grain and a brown matt woodgrain effect. This look of open-pore wood or sporty aluminium makes for an exciting contrast with the vehicle’s robustness. To complement the high-quality feel, the upper section of the cockpit is available with ARTICO man-made leather in either black or nut brown with lavish topstitching.

The characteristic round ventilation outlets add a sporty touch. Depending on the design and equipment line, these come in either high-gloss black or silver shadow, creating a high-end cool touch effect. The freestanding central display, which is familiar from the V-Class, reinforces this impression. With a screen diagonal of up to 8.4 inches, it is the biggest display in the mid-size pickup segment. With the PROGRESSIVE and POWER design and equipment lines, the centre console is also prominently framed by a decorative trim in silver shadow. The large door handles are also finished in silver shadow.

Multifunction steering wheel and central control unit with touchpad

The control and display concept shows the familiar levels of convenience and ergonomic comfort. It is both clear and bright as well as high-tech. The instrument cluster consists of the large, analogue round dials from the C-Class and V-Class. In the X-Class PROGRESSIVE and POWER they are tubular. A 5.4-inch colour multimedia display is nestled between the round dials. All the typical Mercedes displays such as trip information, assistance systems, navigation and telephony can be accessed and operated from here. The experience and method of interaction thus resemble those in the proven passenger car model series. Thanks to the pushbuttons on the standard-fit three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the settings on the colour display can be controlled without drivers having to take their hands off the steering wheel. The steering wheel with its 12 buttons in total is height-adjustable, thereby improving ergonomic posture and allowing a relaxed seating position. In the Mercedes-Benz X-Class PROGRESSIVE and POWER, the steering wheel, shift lever knob and handbrake lever are also covered in leather.

In conjunction with the Audio 20 CD and COMAND Online multimedia systems, and in addition to the central control unit, the X-Class contains the multifunctional touchpad familiar from the passenger car model series – another novelty in this segment. It is located in an ergonomic position on the centre console and, like a smartphone, it can be controlled using gestures or by entering letters and characters.

Electrically adjustable comfort seats also available with lumbar support

Plenty of attention was paid to comfort when developing the seats, too. Premium materials and a seat structure featuring optimum lateral support, a high seat position and the use of ergonomically formed soft foam make sitting comfortable for both the driver and front passenger, even on longer journeys. With their clear, ergonomic and functional design, the comfort seats can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction as well as for height and backrest tilt. The X-Class POWER has electrically adjustable seats and electric two-way lumbar support as standard. The rear seat row for three people is positioned at a comfortable height and has reinforced seat side bolsters for optimum support in the outer seating positions. These seats are also equipped with attachment points for an i-Size/ISOFIX child seat as standard. Other top tether fixing points on all three seats make it possible to additionally secure the child seats, thus increasing safety further.

Widest selection of materials and colours

All seat covers are extremely durable. Each of the three design and equipment lines offers a choice of at least two seat covers. The X-Class PURE comes with black Tunja fabric as standard. Black man-made leather is available as an option. The comfort seats in the PROGRESSIVE variant are covered in black posadas fabric. Known from the Mercedes-Benz passenger car model series, ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre in black is available if desired.

As standard, the seats in the X-Class POWER are covered in ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre in black with additional contrasting topstitching in alpaca grey. Black leather with alpaca grey topstitching or nut brown leather with black topstitching is optionally available. Topstitching in a contrasting colour raises the aesthetic appeal of the seats even further. Exclusive topstitching also appears on the ARTICO man-made leather coverings on the upper section of the instrument panel, the armrests and the beltlines of the doors – complementing the respective upholstery colours perfectly. This emphasises the premium effect of the interior as a whole.

For the first time in this vehicle segment there are two roof liners to choose from: macchiato beige fabric and black fabric. On the Mercedes-Benz X-Class POWER, the A-pillar is also covered in fabric of the same colour.

Generous amount of room to move and convenient stowage facilities

The generous vehicle width of 1920 millimetres and, in comparison to most other mid-size pickups, the very long wheelbase measuring 3150 millimetres create a vast sense of space. In all five seats, the driver and passengers have plenty of room to move, which ensures outstanding comfort.

To transport beverages safely, the X-Class has a holder for a 1.5-litre bottle in each of the four doors as well as a cup holder on the centre console. Small items such as keys, tissues or coins can be stowed in the centre console and inside the folding armrest, which also contains a 12-volt socket and a USB/SD port. Altogether the X-Class has three 12-volt sockets in the interior and one in the load bed. There is an integral compartment for sunglasses in the overhead control panel. A stowage net for the front passenger footwell is available as an option. Other optional equipment items include a ruffled pocket on the back of the front seats for passengers in the rear to use and stowage compartments under the rear bench seat. For commercial use, the centre console can be equipped with a vertical, easily accessible 1-DIN slot. This enables a tachograph, for instance, to be installed. To accommodate this, the armrest and the 12-volt socket are omitted.

Comfortable, adjustable climate

As part of the standard equipment in the Mercedes-Benz X-Class POWER, a two-zone THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control keeps temperatures pleasant. It features solar and temperature sensors, which automatically regulate the vehicle interior temperature and airflow. This improves thermal comfort, especially in stop-and-go traffic. A variable mix of fresh and recirculated air boosts energy efficiency. A filter system ensures high air quality by keeping pollen and particulates largely out of the passenger compartment. The THERMOTRONIC system is operated using the AC control panel.

With the standard air conditioning system in the X-Class PURE and PROGRESSIVE, temperature and airflow are controlled using a rotary switch on the AC control panel. There are four adjustment settings for the airflow. The air conditioning system likewise features air recirculation and has a pollen and particulate filter to improve air quality.

X-Class PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER – for different lifestyles and work environments

With three design and equipment lines, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is ideal for a range of different lifestyles and work environments. It fulfils requirements in commercial and private use alike, as well as in urban and rural settings. With a payload of up to 1.1 tonnes and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class thus not only appeals to pickup owners who wish for passenger car characteristics in terms of performance, safety, design and comfort, but also to people who have previously always driven a passenger car. The X-Class is aimed at very different customer groups: land owners and farmers in Argentina, business owners and building contractors in Australia, families with an affinity for premium products in Brazil, trend-conscious individualists in South Africa and Great Britain as well as sporty adventurers in New Zealand and Germany.

The PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER design and equipment lines differ in terms of design, equipment level, functionality and the available drive system variants. Mercedes-Benz has also put together additional equipment packages, providing further scope for individualisation. As a result, the X-Class offers maximum flexibility for a whole host of applications – from working on a farm or vineyard to an important business meeting, from a weekend trip with the family to making a powerful impression driving up to a golf club or a stylish bar in the city.

The X-Class PURE

The PURE basic variant is ideal for rugged, functional use. It fulfils all the demands placed on a workhorse. At the same time its comfort and design make it perfect for visiting customers or suppliers and for private activities.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Grained front bumper in black, rear bumper painted in black
  • 17-inch steel wheels
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Electrically adjustable outside mirrors
  • Grained instrument panel in black
  • Ventilation outlets in high-gloss black
  • Seat upholstery in black Tunja fabric
  • Plastic floor covering
  • Manually adjustable front seats
  • Audio 20 USB infotainment system
  • Two-way speakers front and rear
  • Air conditioning system
  • Four-cylinder petrol or diesel engine with six-speed manual transmission
  • Four load-securing rings on the sides of the load bed

The diesel engine is available optionally with a seven-speed automatic transmission and engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Likewise optional, the Plus Package includes the PARKTRONIC parking assistance system and load-securing rails in the floor of the load bed.


The X-Class PROGRESSIVE is aimed at people seeking a rugged pickup with extra styling and comfort functions – as a calling card for their own business, while also being a comfortable, prestigious vehicle for private use.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Front and rear bumpers painted in the vehicle colour
  • 17-inch six-spoke light-alloy wheels
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Electrically adjustable and heated outside mirrors
  • Windscreen made of heat insulating glass
  • Rain sensor
  • Grained instrument panel in black
  • Ventilation outlets galvanised in silver shadow
  • Seat upholstery in black posadas fabric
  • Dilour floor covering
  • Manually adjustable front seats
  • Steering wheel, shift lever knob and handbrake lever in leather
  • Door sill panels in aluminium and illuminated front footwell
  • Audio 20 USB infotainment system
  • Eight-speaker system
  • Compass in the rearview mirror
  • Air conditioning system
  • Four-cylinder petrol or diesel engine with six-speed manual transmission
  • Load-securing rails on the sides of the load bed

The four-cylinder diesel engine is available optionally with a seven-speed automatic transmission and engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive. In addition, Mercedes-Benz offers two optional equipment packages for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class PROGRESSIVE. The Comfort Package comprises electrically adjustable front seats with lumbar support, THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control, seat upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre, and a stowage net in the front passenger footwell. The Style Package comprises LED High Performance headlamps and part-LED tail lamps, an electrically opening rear window, tinted rear windows, side running boards, roof railing and 18-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels.

The X-Class POWER

The X-Class POWER is the high-end design and equipment line. It is aimed at customers for whom styling, performance and comfort are paramount. The

X-Class POWER is a lifestyle vehicle beyond the mainstream – suitable for urban environments as well as for sports and leisure activities off the beaten track. Through its design and high level of equipment it reflects an independent and individualistic lifestyle.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Front bumper painted in the vehicle colour
  • Chromed visual underbody panelling in front bumper
  • Chromed rear bumper
  • 18-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels
  • LED High Performance headlamps and part-LED tail lamps
  • Electrically adjustable, heated and folding outside mirrors
  • Windscreen made of heat insulating glass
  • Rain sensor
  • Instrument panel with upper section in ARTICO man-made leather including contrasting topstitching and a large trim element with a matt black pixelated look
  • Ventilation outlets galvanised in silver shadow
  • Black seat upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre
  • Dilour floor covering
  • Electrically adjustable front seats with lumbar support
  • Steering wheel, shift lever knob and handbrake lever in leather
  • Door sill panels in aluminium and illuminated front footwell
  • Stowage net in front passenger footwell
  • Automatically dimming inside mirror
  • Compass in the rearview mirror
  • Audio 20 CD infotainment system
  • Eight-speaker system
  • THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control
  • Four-cylinder diesel engine with six-speed manual transmission
  • Load-securing rails on the sides of the load bed

The four-cylinder diesel engine is available optionally with a seven-speed automatic transmission and engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Next year there will also be a six-cylinder diesel engine with 7G-TRONIC PLUS and steering-wheel gearshift paddles as well as with standard permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is offering an optional Style Package for the X-Class POWER. It includes an electrically opening rear window, tinted rear windows, side running boards, roof railing and 19-inch six-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels.

Further optional equipment for all three lines

In addition to the line-specific packages, there is a variety of optional equipment available as well as a Winter Package (seat heater for driver and front passenger, heated washer nozzles) and a Parking Package (PARKTRONIC parking assistance system and 360-Degree Camera).

Made-to-measure individualisation

Mercedes-Benz had an in-house team of designers and developers create an extensive range of accessories especially for the X-Class. These enable the design and functionality of the pickup to be customised to an even greater extent. This range is provided by Mercedes-Benz Accessories and comprises styling, loading and off-road solutions. It will be expanded successively, especially for off-road use.


  • Styling bar – The styling bar gives the Mercedes-Benz X-Class an even sportier and more progressive character. With a diameter of 76 millimetres, the pipes are made of stainless steel – highly-polished or painted black. The third brake light is integrated into the styling bar. This does not affect the standard lighting for the load bed. The styling bar is attached to the load compartment sill and can therefore be combined with other Mercedes-Benz accessories.
  • Sports bar – The sports bar is available in all vehicle colours. With its individual look, it blends perfectly into the vehicle design and intensifies the X-Class’s dynamic and sporty appeal. The third brake light is integrated into the sports bar. The sports bar will be available as from the summer of 2018 – separately or in combination with the roll cover, which additionally secures the load against theft.
  • Side bar steel – The side bar with step gives the X-Class an even more rugged character and makes it safer to climb in and out without slipping. Able to bear up to 150 kilograms, the diameter of the pipes is 76 millimetres. The side bar is available in polished steel or painted black. In terms of design, the side bar and styling bar are perfectly matched – for a consistent overall look. The side bar will be available from early 2018.
  • Canopy – Painted in the vehicle colour, the canopy continues the lines of the X-Class’s design, merging with the vehicle body to create a distinctive silhouette. It also increases the cargo volume, protects the load against theft and is watertight, weatherproof and dustproof. The lift-up window on the front passenger side is operated using a pushbutton at the front of the canopy. On the driver’s side there is a pop-out window to let fresh air into the interior. As a result, the canopy is ideal for transporting pet dogs, for example. The rear window also opens using a pushbutton. This renders handles superfluous. All the windows have tinted glass. The canopy is lined on the inside and features LED lighting. The canopy can be provided with roof railing as an option. This matches the vehicle’s main roof railing perfectly. With the roof railing, the canopy can bear a roof load of 150 kilograms. Without roof railing the load is 75 kilograms.

Loading solutions

  • Bed liner – The black plastic liner protects the load bed from dirt and scratches and thus makes loading and unloading easier. It goes under the load compartment sill and is therefore compatible with all covers and the load-securing rails.
  • Bed divider system – The moveable partition makes it possible to compartmentalise the loading area to best effect. The partition is made of anodised aluminium and attaches to the load-securing rails. This prevents the load from shifting out of place.
  • Load-securing rails in the floor – As standard, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has four load-securing points (PURE line) or load-securing rails (PROGRESSIVE and POWER) on the sides of the load bed. Load-securing rails in the floor are available as an accessory for all design and equipment lines. These conform to the DIN 75410/DIN EN 12640 standard with a maximum tensile force of 400 kilograms per lashing point.
  • Soft tonneau cover – The black soft tonneau cover is a reasonably priced, flexible covering solution. It is watertight, weatherproof, tear-resistant and can be rolled up. When rolled up it can be attached to two loops. The soft tonneau cover will be available with and without the styling bar from early 2018.
  • Hard tonneau cover – Available in the vehicle colour, the hard tonneau cover protects the load against theft as well as from the effects of the weather. It is weatherproof, watertight and dust-repellent. Inside there is LED lighting which switches on and off automatically. A pressurised mechanism means it is easy to open and close. The lockable hard tonneau cover is available with and without the styling bar.
  • Roll cover – The roll cover comprising aluminium profiles protects the load against theft. It is waterproof as well as water-repellent and dust-repellent. It can be fastened in multiple opening positions and combined with the styling bar or the sports bar.
  • Storage box – This roomy, lockable and scratchproof box has a capacity of 156 litres and protects the contents from the effects of the weather and from theft. It is rainproof and easy to clean – including with a pressure washer or in a car wash. Attached to the load bed’s side load-securing rails, it can be positioned anywhere in a longitudinal direction. The storage box will be available from early 2018.


  • Technical Underguard – The technical underguard covers the relevant areas of the vehicle underbody and thus protects the engine and transmission against damage when driving off the beaten track. It consists of three parts which can be removed if necessary. Made from stainless steel which is two to three millimetres thick, it is extremely robust. There are openings to provide easy access to all relevant areas for repairs and maintenance tasks.

High-torque, enjoyable performance with four and six cylinders

As from its market launch, there are two powerful and efficient four-cylinder engines to deliver spirited performance. The high-torque common-rail diesel drive system with a displacement of 2.3 litres is available with a choice of two power outputs. In the X 220 d with single turbocharger it generates 120 kW/163 hp and in the biturbo X 250 d no less than 140 kW/190 hp. The X 200’s petrol engine outputs 122 kW/165 hp. All engines are characterised by quiet, low-vibration running and excellent power delivery coupled with low consumption figures. In mid-2018 the top-of-the-range high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released, ensuring even greater agility on- and off-road.

The biturbo engine in the X 250 d has two turbochargers of different sizes which, depending on the engine speed, compress the intake air either singly or in combination. This delivers powerful torque at low revs and more output at the top end of the rpm range. Immediate response times, good pulling power and strong acceleration are thus guaranteed. The large turbocharger is designed for high throughput and kicks in when the revs are going up. This evens out the acceleration right through to the upper limit of the rpm range, creating the ideal prerequisites for a dynamic driving experience as well as for transporting heavy loads and for trailer operation.

Six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission

Both diesel variants are available as left- or right-hand drive vehicles with purely rear wheel drive or with engageable all-wheel drive. Due to very specific market requirements, for example in Dubai and Morocco, the X 200 petrol model is only available as a left-hand drive vehicle with rear wheel drive. Power is transferred via a six-speed manual transmission. Its special feature is the wide transmission spacing, with a short first gear for maximum torque and a long sixth gear to keep rev speeds down. This design makes allowance for typical situations such as hill starts with a horse or boat trailer in tow and long-distance comfort on motorways. Furthermore, the manual transmission combined with a diesel engine can be equipped with the ECO start/stop function as an option in various markets. This makes an important contribution to the X-Class’s moderate fuel consumption. As soon as the driver brakes, disengages the gear and releases the clutch, the engine switches off automatically when the vehicle is at a standstill. When the clutch is engaged, the engine immediately starts again. This saves on fuel, particularly in urban traffic.

A seven-speed automatic transmission is available on request for the 140 kW/190 hp X 250 d and X 250 d 4MATIC models.

The top-of-the-range engine: V6 diesel with 7G-TRONIC PLUS

The most powerful engine version, a high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released mid-2018. It has already proven its credentials in numerous Mercedes-Benz passenger car models – from the G-Class to the latest E-Class. The top X-Class model will come as standard with permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS with steering-wheel shift paddles and ECO start/stop function. Similar to the seven-speed automatic transmission in the four-cylinder diesel model, 7G-TRONIC PLUS doesn’t show any interruption of traction when changing gears. This improves the handling on gradients, off-road terrain and when towing a trailer. Furthermore, 7G-TRONIC PLUS permits fast shift operations and low rotational speeds. This has a positive effect especially with regard to efficiency and noise levels.

DYNAMIC SELECT: more tailored driving characteristics

Mercedes-Benz offers the DYNAMIC SELECT system in conjunction with 7G-TRONIC PLUS and the V6 diesel engine. To date, the inclusion of a drive program switch has been rare in the pickup segment. This technology enables the driving experience to be tailored to individual preferences – from relaxed comfort to engaged sportiness. There are five drive programs to choose from. These modify the engine characteristics, the automatic transmission’s switching points and the ECO start/stop function:

  • Comfort (C): This program is activated automatically when the engine is started. It provides a comfort-emphasising, harmonious accelerator characteristic as well as early switching points. The ECO start/stop function is activated.
  • ECO (E): 7G-TRONIC PLUS changes drive ranges at particularly low engine speeds. When the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, the ECO start/stop function is activated.
  • Sport (S): The engine responds more immediately when accelerating. The automatic transmission makes use of the entire engine speed range to change gears, and shifts faster. The ECO start/stop function continues to be active.
  • Manual (M): The automatic transmission can be operated by hand using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. This considerably shortens the shifting times compared with the Comfort and ECO programs. The ECO start/stop function continues to be active.
  • Offroad (O): This program is suitable for driving on challenging terrain. It offers higher switching points and a flatter, and therefore more precisely adjustable, accelerator characteristic curve. The ECO start/stop function is deactivated.

The DYNAMIC SELECT switch is located in the central control panel on the centre console. The selected program is shown as a status on the instrument cluster’s multifunction display. When the program is changed, the selected program appears for a short time as a pop-up window in the display.

Dynamic and comfortable driving enjoyment on a par with Mercedes-Benz passenger cars

The X-Class is the first pickup to deliver both excellent off- and on-road performance. The wide track, long wheelbase and comfortable spring and damping tuning typical of a Mercedes open up a new world of driving enjoyment and driving dynamics on the road – without resulting in compromises when off-road. A special feature in this segment: coil springs are used both at the front and rear. The front wheels are guided by double triangle wishbones. At the back, a rear multi-link solid axle with a good articulation capability is well suited to transporting heavy loads. This combination ensures that the suspension is comfortable and the handling is safe given any permitted load condition.

With 1632 millimetres at the front and 1625 millimetres at the rear, the X-Class has a wider track than most competitors. This provides the ideal prerequisites for optimum driving stability and higher cornering speeds. At 3150 millimetres, the wheelbase is also longer than many other mid-size pickups. This reduces vibrations during the journey and makes for smooth and reliable straight-running stability.

Comfort suspension with front independent wheel suspension and rear multi-link solid axle

A robust ladder-type frame with closed longitudinal profiles and cross-members provides the basis for transporting heavy loads and handling tough off-road terrain. The comfort suspension is designed in such a way that it achieves a high level of driving dynamics and ride comfort on the road, while also delivering maximum off-road capability in conjunction with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. With its sophisticated kinematics and specially tuned springs and dampers, the suspension is well balanced for both comfort and dynamism. Low dynamic wheel load fluctuations facilitate good driving dynamics and high handling safety. Low pitch and roll movements, as well as a reduced tendency to understeer given high lateral acceleration, help to improve vehicle control.

The elaborately designed comfort suspension consists of a double wishbone front axle and a rear multi-link solid axle with a good articulation capability.

The double wishbone axle at the front ensures a high level of driving dynamics, good tyre comfort and maximum off-road capability. The stabiliser bar reduces body roll. Because the front axle is decoupled, the independent wheel suspension minimises the vibrations which are transferred to the vehicle body, making the steering and noise level comfortable.

The exact and comfort-optimised rear axle, which relies upon five links, provides traction over even the most challenging off-road terrain. Ground clearance is pronounced because the axle housing is raised as soon as a wheel drives over an obstacle. Because the axle has good articulation capability and the spring travel is long, the contact between the ground and the wheels is as good as it can be. Due to the exceptional rigidity of this design, particularly precise wheel control and a high level of ride comfort on the road are assured.

Coil springs at front and rear

Both axles are fitted with coil springs, which help balance the comfort of the suspension. The suspension struts on the front axle are connected with the ladder-type frame by means of a head bearing. Damping forces are transmitted via a piston rod to a flexible rubber bearing in the head bearing and subsequently to the ladder-type frame. The rubber mounting’s design is therefore optimised for comfort. Dampers on the rear axle are attached directly to the ladder-type frame via a support bushing. As a result, the shock absorbers are flexible in generating counter-balancing forces. During normal driving on flat roads and when driving slowly off-road, the system responds softly. With a sporty driving style or sudden evasive manoeuvres, the dampers work harder to provide good driving stability.

The comfort suspension is part of the standard equipment in all European markets. Its ground clearance is 202 millimetres. A 20-millimetre higher suspension is available as an optional extra. The increased ground clearance makes off-road capability even better, including a higher seat position and sharper off-road look. In all markets outside Europe, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class comes with the higher suspension as standard. The safe and comfortable handling typical of a Mercedes is retained despite the higher suspension.

Disc brakes all-round as standard for short braking distances

When it comes to the highly effective braking system, Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer in the segment to opt for large disc brakes on both axles as standard. The front axle has internally vented brake discs with a diameter of 32 centimetres. The internally vented brake discs on the rear axle have a diameter of 30.8 centimetres. They ensure short braking distances, good response times and high thermal capacity.

Furthermore, as with all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, various control systems for driving dynamics form part of the standard equipment, thus boosting safety and ride comfort further:

  • The ESP® Electronic Stability Program can keep the X-Class from skidding in critical situations, such as when cornering, by means of targeted brake interventions on individual wheels.
  • The BAS Brake Assist system recognises emergency braking and actively supports the driver to achieve the shortest possible braking distance.
  • In conjunction with the ABS Anti-Lock Braking system, EBD Electronic Brake Force Distribution improves driving stability even more when braking and when cornering by distributing the brake pressure in an intelligent way.
  • On poor road surfaces such as ice, snow, loose gravel or wet cobblestones, ASR Anti-Slip Control prevents one or more wheels from spinning and thus stops the vehicle from skidding.

Engageable or permanent – all-wheel drive for any surface

Engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which is available on the X 220 d 4MATIC and X 250 d 4MATIC diesel models, masters any terrain. With it, the front wheels can be engaged or disengaged by electric means depending on the surface. As from mid-2018, Mercedes-Benz will also make its pickup available with permanent all-wheel drive. This will ensure that the X-Class delivers maximum performance and traction, even at top speed on roads. The permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will only be offered in conjunction with the six-cylinder engine. Off-road, both 4MATIC variants benefit from the same superior assertiveness thanks to the low-range gearing and optional differential lock on the rear axle.

Featuring long spring travel and ground clearance of up to 221 millimetres, the suspension is the means by which the all-wheel drive system transmits all its power to the ground. Whether with the engageable or permanent version of 4MATIC all-wheel drive – the X-Class effortlessly climbs gradients of up to 45 degrees, goes through water of depths up to 60 centimetres and masterfully copes with tilt angles of almost 50 degrees.

Engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive – maximum traction off-road

Engageable all-wheel drive can be activated using a rotary switch while driving at speeds up to 100 km/h. When this happens, the dog clutch closes and the drive force is distributed to the front and rear axles at a fixed ratio of 50:50. There is a choice of two all-wheel drive programs: 4H for easy off-road driving and the low-range 4L mode for challenging terrain such as sand or deep mud. The reduction gear unit provided as standard then switches on and increases the gear ratio from 1:1 to 1:2.7. As a result, torque increases and therewith tractive force. As an optional extra, a 100-percent differential lock is available for the rear axle. This is activated by a separate switch in the lower control panel.

Permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive – superior on any surface

The permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive system in conjunction with the V6 diesel engine will become available mid-2018. It will give the X-Class’s handling a superior, clearly defined edge – for instance in wintry conditions.

In addition, it enables better moving off and accelerating on poor road surfaces or in unfavourable weather conditions. The permanent all-wheel drive system features a two-stage transfer case, which is flange-mounted to the 7G-TRONIC PLUS main transmission. It is fitted with a central differential of planetary design, which distributes the drive force between the front and rear axle at a fixed torque distribution of 40 to 60 percent. Optimum traction is guaranteed by a continuously adjustable longitudinal differential in the transfer case, in the form of an electromechanical multiplate clutch. This ensures that the traction potential of all four wheels is fully realised on demanding terrain.

There are three different all-wheel drive modes: 4MAT for increased driving dynamics, 4H for improved traction off-road and 4L mode (low range). The latter has a selectable reduction gear of 1:2.9 as standard. The top speed in 4L mode is 80 km/h. In addition, a 100-percent differential lock is available for the rear axle, if desired. The combination of a controlled longitudinal differential lock (0-100 percent), rear-axle differential and reduction gear delivers good performance both on- and off-road.

Downhill Speed Regulation – comfortably mastering any gradient

All the all-wheel drive models come with DSR Downhill Speed Regulation on board as standard. On steep gradients, it applies the brakes to keep the vehicle at a constant defined speed of eight km/h in the 4MAT and 4H all-wheel drive modes and five km/h in 4L mode. When the driver presses the accelerator or brake pedal, DSR switches to passive mode. As soon as the pedal is released and the speed falls below 35 km/h with 4MAT and 4H, or 25 km/h with 4L, it reactivates. At higher speeds, DSR switches into standby mode. It can be switched on and off by a switch in the lower control panel on the centre console.

The Hill Start Assist system is also part of the standard equipment – including all models with rear-wheel drive. It ensures that the process of moving off on uphill gradients can be carried out very comfortably. Brake pressure is maintained for around two seconds after releasing the brake pedal. This enables stress-free transfer of the foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal without allowing the vehicle to roll backwards. The Hill Start Assist system is active even on gentle gradients. It is not activated when moving off on level ground, downhill, or if the handbrake is engaged.

Comprehensive range of safety equipment

Safety has always been a core value at Mercedes-Benz. That is why, like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the X-Class stands out for its exemplary level of safety. The pickup bearing the star comes with a comprehensive array of comfort and safety equipment that is exceptional in this vehicle segment. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class’s high level of occupant protection results from its especially solid car body with a high-strength passenger cell and a structure with a front and rear that can absorb energy through well-aimed deformation. Furthermore, passive safety is provided thanks to standard equipment such as seven airbags and the i-Size attachment system for two child seats. With Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Traffic Sign Assist three driver assistance systems are at the ready that simultaneously increase safety and comfort. Other supporting features include: Trailer Stability Assist, tyre pressure monitoring system, emergency call system, cruise control and LED headlamps. If required, a 360-Degree Camera is available in addition to a reversing camera. Given this extensive level of equipment, the X-Class perfectly fulfils the requirements placed on a modern family and lifestyle vehicle.

With seven airbags as standard, the X-Class provides comprehensive passive safety features:

  • front airbags for the driver and front passenger with two-stage, deferred triggering mechanism
  • two thorax/pelvis side airbags for the driver and front passenger in the front-seat backrests
  • two large window airbags for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers covering the area between the A- and C-pillars
  • a knee airbag for the driver

The front passenger airbag is automatically deactivated if the seat is unoccupied or a child seat is being used. Furthermore, on the rear bench seat the two outer seats are equipped with attachment points for an i-Size/ISOFIX child seat as standard.

For active safety, the X-Class offers an array of safety and driver assistance systems.

Warning of unnoticed lane changes – Lane Keeping Assist

Fatigue, inattention or distractions can lead to unnoticed lane changes, for example after a hard day at work or on long holiday journeys. The camera-based Lane Keeping Assist system can detect this. As well as issuing a visual signal, it causes the steering wheel to vibrate in pulses as a tactile warning for the driver of the X-Class. To this end, the system evaluates the images provided by a camera positioned behind the windscreen. Lane markings are detected based on differences in contrast. Based on these data and on registered driver activity, Lane Keeping Assist determines whether the vehicle is leaving its lane intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, if the driver is signalling a lane change with the turn indicator, the assistance system does not intervene. The system is active at speeds from 60 km/h and can be switched on and off using a driver assistance switch above the rotary light switch.

Guarding against rear-end collisions – Active Braking Assist

Active Braking Assist helps to avoid rear-end collisions. If there is a risk of a collision, it gives the driver an audible warning and provides adaptive braking support. Where necessary, the system increases the brake force in order to prevent a collision if possible. If the driver does not respond, Active Braking Assist initiates autonomous braking. The system is active in a speed range between five km/h and 200 km/h. At a speed of up to 80 km/h the sensor system also warns of a stationary obstacle in the direction of travel.

For less stress in a forest of traffic signs – Traffic Sign Assist

The system detects speed-limit signs and no-overtaking signs as well as when these restrictions end. A camera inside the windscreen monitors the road signs, including those on overhead gantries or at road works. The image data are displayed in the instrument cluster and on the media display map view. The image data are compared with the navigation system information if such a system is being used. This relieves the strain on the driver of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class especially on long journeys with frequently changing speed limits, at road works or in unfamiliar cities, and effectively assists them to observe traffic regulations. Traffic Sign Assist is available for selected markets.

Making parking easier – reversing camera

The reversing camera makes parking and manoeuvring easier by showing the area that is directly behind the vehicle on the central display. It is located in the tailgate release handle and switches on automatically when reverse gear is engaged. Guide lines are also shown in response to the steering movement. A zoom function is available in conjunction with the optional trailer coupling. This makes it easier to manoeuvre the ball head onto the tow bar.

Parking with a realistic all-round view – 360-Degree Camera

The 360-Degree Camera provides even more comfort and convenience when parking and manoeuvring. It forms part of the Parking Package with the electronic PARKTRONIC parking assistance system. It switches on automatically when reverse gear is engaged. Four networked short-range cameras are used to provide a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle on the central display, allowing a realistic all-round view when parking and manoeuvring. Consequently, even obstacles located below the window line of the X-Class and outside the driver’s range of vision can be detected. This helps when approaching kerbs, for example.

One camera is mounted underneath the radiator grille, plus there is one camera in each of the outside mirrors and a further camera in the tailgate release handle. In addition, to the bird’s eye view, views of the zones in front of the vehicle, to the sides and behind it are possible. The virtual viewpoint calculated based on the camera images covers an area of approximately three metres ahead of and behind the vehicle and around 2.5 metres to the sides. The central display can show additional guide lines and steering lines to make manoeuvring easier, and the vehicle’s range of movement when the driver turns the steering wheel. It is possible to zoom in conjunction with the optional trailer coupling. This makes it easier to manoeuvre the ball head onto the tow bar.

Improved visibility – LED high performance headlamps

In the POWER line, the high-end design and equipment line, the X-Class comes with LED headlamps as standard that deliver the brightest light output in the segment thanks to six LEDs respectively. These are optionally available for the PROGRESSIVE line. Since LED lights come closest to the colour of daylight, they accommodate the way the human eye sees. The driver benefits from the additional brightness both at night and in poor weather conditions during the day. Thanks to LED projector-beam technology for low beam with modern shaped lenses and the LED reflector system for high beam, the roadway is illuminated more effectively than with conventional halogen headlamps. LED technology also stands out for its low energy consumption. On the LED High Performance headlamps, the daytime running lights, side lights, low beam and high beam all utilise LED technology to optimise consumption.

Maintaining a constant speed – cruise control

Cruise control improves convenience and comfort for the driver. It maintains a predetermined speed upward of 40 km/h. With the integral SPEEDTRONIC function, a top speed can also be set, which helps the driver stick to the speed limits. It can be activated from a vehicle speed of 30 km/h. Like on all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the cruise control lever is located in an ergonomic position left of the steering column. The set speeds are shown on the instrument cluster.

Supporting safe trailer operation – Trailer Stabilisation

The ESP® Trailer Stabilisation detects if a trailer starts to swing dangerously from side to side and automatically brings it safely back in line through targeted brake application on the wheels of the towing vehicle. Trailer Stabilisation is active at speeds of 60 km/h and higher and cannot be switched off. The ESP® Warning Lamp on the instrument cluster lights up if Trailer Stabilisation is intervening. The system is activated when optional trailer coupling is selected.

Warning of pressure loss – tyre pressure monitoring system

This system provides greater safety and extends the service life of tyres. Sensors in the tyre valves enable continuous monitoring of the air pressure in all four tyres during the journey. In the event of pressure loss or differences in pressure, the system gives a visual warning as well as emitting an audible tone. A graphical representation of the current tyre pressures can be accessed at any time on the instrument cluster’s display.

The first intelligently connected mid-size pickup

The X-Class is the first mid-size pickup to feature a communications module with an integrated SIM card. This makes it possible to use the extensive Mercedes me connect services and to access the vehicle by smartphone. Thus X-Class drivers can, for example, send navigation destinations directly to the pickup using a mobile device, or obtain useful information such as the fuel level and find out the vehicle’s location. Receiving traffic information in real time is a further highlight of intelligent connectivity thanks to the communications module with an integrated SIM card.

In addition to this, control and display systems familiar from the Mercedes-Benz passenger car model series are used in the X-Class.

They are another novelty in the mid-size pickup segment. They include the multifunction touchpad and fully integrated COMAND Online multimedia system with hard-disk navigation, internet access and the biggest central display in this vehicle segment. There are three infotainment systems in total, providing a state-of-the-art solution for every requirement.

The freestanding media display in conjunction with the optional COMAND Online multimedia system has a screen diagonal of 8.4 inches (21.3 centimetres), making it the biggest central display in the mid-size pickup segment. It has a brilliant resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The frame around the display is galvanised in silver shadow. The method of interaction has been adopted directly from the proven C-Class. All the important functions such as the radio, media, navigation and vehicle settings, can be accessed and easily operated using the large, high-resolution colour screen. The proven concept for interaction is intuitive to understand: animations with high-quality, explanatory graphics underline the processes.

The Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD audio systems come with a 7.0-inch (17.8-centimetre) media display edged in high-gloss black. Both displays use the IPS technology (In-Plane Switching) and are equipped with LED-display backlighting. On account of this technology, they reach high brightness values of around 500 cd/m² and contrast values of around 800:1 and higher. This results in brilliant displays, for example of navigation maps and images from the 360-Degree Camera. A light sensor automatically regulates brightness and is adjusted to the surrounding light. Alternatively, the driver can manually regulate the brightness of the display.

The first multifunction touchpad in the pickup segment is available in conjunction with Audio 20 CD and COMAND Online. The touch-sensitive area, made of scratch-resistant plastic in high-gloss black with a silver shadow real metal surround, blends stylishly into the interior design concept and has the look of a high-quality tablet PC. All telematics functions can be controlled intuitively using gestures or by handwriting.

Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD: various Bluetooth® functions

Two audio systems are available: Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD. Features of the entry-level Audio 20 USB radio (provided as standard in the Mercedes-Benz X-Class PURE and PROGRESSIVE) include a twin tuner for interference-free reception and a universal interface for Bluetooth® and USB. It allows mobile audio equipment such as MP3 players or iPods® to be connected to the vehicle’s telematics architecture. There are various Bluetooth® functions: the mobile phone’s directory can now be automatically transferred en bloc when connected, and wireless music reproduction is possible from Bluetooth®-capable devices.

The Audio 20 CD unit (provided as standard in the X-Class POWER and optionally available for the PROGRESSIVE and PURE models) additionally features an interface for SD cards and a MP3-capable CD player. Thanks to the cover art function, the covers of the music albums currently being played are shown if their data are stored in the audio file. An upper row in the Audio 20 CD’s menu navigation makes orientation easier and can be operated via the touchpad or the controller.

COMAND Online: internet use, LINGUATRONIC and Send-to-Car

Available as an option for the PROGRESSIVE and POWER lines, the COMAND Online system is the top-end multimedia offering. It features numerous extra functions, hard-disk navigation with 3D map display, useful apps and an additional Bluetooth® profile which enables internet access via smartphone. COMAND Online is operated using the touchpad, the COMAND Controller or the LINGUATRONIC voice control system.

Internet access provides substantial added benefit: customers can either browse freely when the vehicle is stationary or call up a Mercedes-Benz app with pages that load extremely quickly. Integral apps include local search, weather, TuneIn internet radio and Send-to-Car. The Send-to-Car app makes it possible to accept navigation destinations sent from a mobile device directly into the navigation system.

Thanks to the LINGUATRONIC voice control system the audio, telephone and navigation can be operated conveniently without the driver having to take their hands off the steering wheel. The one shot input function for the navigation system is particularly convenient, allowing the place and road to be spoken directly after one another. This function is currently available in 12 languages and significantly enhances ease of operation. With COMAND Online and LINGUATRONIC, music can also be easily searched for using voice control. The system first asks in which category it should conduct the search (artist, title, year). The category is selected by saying it or by saying the row number of the relevant category which appears on the screen. This is then followed by further questions about title, artist or album.

Digital radio is available as an option in conjunction with the COMAND Online and Audio 20 CD systems. It is impressive for the broad choice of radio stations using the DAB and DAB+ standard, good reception and exceptional surround sound. If a digital signal cannot be received for some reason, the system will switch automatically to analogue mode.

Live Traffic Information for the first time: go ahead and beat the traffic

The X-Class is the first pickup with Live Traffic Information. In conjunction with an account on the Mercedes me portal, COMAND Online receives traffic information in the vehicle in real time within Europe. The COMAND Online navigation system can show the beginning and length of a traffic jam on a map to within 100 metres of the exact position and compute a dynamic route with shorter travel times. The potential loss of time is taken into account automatically in real time for the arrival time displayed by COMAND Online navigation. The system also provides a 3D view with three-dimensional urban models, making orientation in unfamiliar city centres easier. Moreover, special personal destinations can be saved or imported via SD card, and four alternate routes can be displayed on the navigation map, one of them a particularly economical variation.

In conjunction with the optional Garmin® MAP PILOT system, in most European countries the Audio 20 CD also becomes a fully-fledged navigation system with Live Traffic Information. With both systems, X-Class drivers benefit from early information about disturbances such as traffic jams, increased traffic volumes or other possible delays along the route, allowing them to adjust their route planning in good time. The relevant pre-installation for the Garmin® MAP PILOT is likewise available as an option.

Mercedes me connect: stay connected with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class via smartphone

In conjunction with a Mercedes me account, X-Class drivers in 21 European markets benefit from extensive Mercedes me connect services which make everyday life easier. Conveniently, these can be configured and managed from home via the Mercedes me portal or the Mercedes me app. The spectrum ranges from the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system and various standard services through to special services which enable X-Class drivers to connect with their pickup at any time via smartphone.

Thus, use of the Mercedes me app makes complete door-to-door navigation possible for instance. The smartphone or the smartwatch will in a first step display walking directions to the X-Class. On arrival at the vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz COMAND Online system will import the navigation data and calculate the appropriate route as soon as the engine starts. When the X-Class is parked close to the destination, COMAND Online passes the walking directions to the mobile device for navigating the final metres. The smartphone or smartwatch will then guide the driver of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class directly to their destination.

The Mercedes-Benz emergency call system ensures that assistance is provided rapidly. In the event of an accident that activates the airbag(s), crash sensors in the X-Class trigger an emergency call automatically, network availability permitting. The vehicle’s communication module establishes a connection with the Mercedes-Benz emergency call centre or the local emergency services. In the process, the system transmits the precise GPS position and information about the status of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz emergency call centre can also be called manually using the SOS button in the overhead control panel.

Mercedes me connect standard services

With the standard services from Mercedes me connect, the X-Class provides notifications when maintenance work is due and technical assistance in the event of a breakdown. These services, which – like the Mercedes-Benz emergency call service – are permanently free of charge, include:

  • Accident Recovery: following an emergency call, connects the customer with the Customer Assistance Centre in order to initiate measures to recover or tow away the vehicle.
  • Breakdown Management: the vehicle relays its location and status to the Customer Assistance Centre so that Mercedes-Benz Service24h can provide optimum assistance and bring the necessary replacement parts to the scene if possible.
  • Maintenance Management: identifies and notifies when maintenance work is due and forwards the necessary information to the service outlet. Mercedes-Benz Service is then able to send the customer a tailored quotation.

Mercedes me connect Vehicle Set-Up and Vehicle Monitoring Services

Thanks to the Mercedes me connect Vehicle Set-Up and Vehicle Monitoring Services it is possible to access or adjust key functions on the pickup at any time and from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Examples include finding out how full the tank is and where the X-Class is parked.

As from its market launch, the Vehicle Set-Up Services included as standard will enable the remote retrieval of the vehicle’s status. This extends to obtaining information such as the tyre pressures, mileage and the levels of fuel, screen wash or brake fluid. Vehicle Set-Up Services are free of charge for the first three years.

Mercedes me connect Vehicle Monitoring Services are available exclusively via the Mercedes me connect store. For the X-Class they will initially include the following services:

  • Parked Vehicle Locator: shows the position of the parked vehicle within a radius of 1.5 kilometres. Advantageous if the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has been left on the outskirts of an unfamiliar town, for instance.
  • Vehicle Tracker: locates the moving X-Class via GPS. A notification will be displayed to the driver that they are being tracked and they can switch off the service at any time.
  • Geofencing: provides information when the pickup leaves or enters a pre-defined area. Beneficial if the X-Class is used by different people. A notification will be displayed to the driver that the vehicle is currently being monitored. Drivers and Mercedes-Benz X-Class owners are able to deactivate the service at any time.


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