2001 BMW 740i E65

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Image for 2001 BMW 740i E65 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2001 BMW 740i E65 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details
Image for 2001 BMW 740i E65 - Exteriors, Interiors and Details

About the Car

2001 BMW 740i E65

In early 1988, development began on the third generation of the 7 Series. From 1988 to 1990 styling work was done initially under design director Claus Luthe (through April 1990, taken over by Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle), when Boyke Boyer’s concept design was chosen and further refined into production form. You can find more visual details of the 2001 BMW 740i gallery by scrolling up.

In February 1991, the final production design for the new 7 Series was approved by the board 36 months ahead of scheduled start of production for February 17, 1994. On April 27, 1993 German design patents were filed featuring a pre-production prototype as a design representation. Patents were later filed on October 27, 1993 in the United States.

2001 BMW 740i

Production started on 23 July 1993 on pilot production models and US specification variants on January 13, 1994, with series production commencing in April 1994 for June 1994 domestic German launch with the 730i and 740i. US-specification cars entered production in September 1994, for November 1994 launch. On February 18, 1994, the E38 BMW 7 Series was unveiled for the 1995 model year via a BMW press release. The 750i production began in November 1994, in advance of its January 1995 launch.

A total of 340,242 cars were produced The last E38 rolled off BMW’s assembly line on 27 July 2001 to make way for the replacement E65 7 Series.

A 5-speed ZF 5HP automatic transmission was available on all models. In many markets, a 5-speed manual transmission was available for the 725tds, 728i,730i, and 735i, while a 6-speed manual was on offer for the 740i. Long wheelbase cars were only available with automatic transmission.

Following the 1998 facelift, only 728i would be available with manual transmission, as 735i and 740i only became available with automatic transmission.

Safety features include ASC+T traction control, headlight washers and auto-leveling low beam xenon HID headlamps. Side tubular airbags (called “Head Protection System”) were fitted as standard equipment. “Active Comfort Seats” were introduced in 1998, to improve comfort and reduce fatigue for the driver and front passenger. This system uses two fluid-filled bladders which alternate in height.

Other equipment includes Electronic Damper Control (called EDC III), power moonroof, rain-sensing wipers, dual zone climate control, electric drivers seat adjustment and electric steering wheel adjustment.

Double glazed windows were available (called “dual pane glass”). Break resistant laminated “security glass” was also available, which is known to delaminate. The delamination occurred with the Protection S357A option only, not with normal S352A dual pane windows. Bullet-resistant glass was used for the Protection model, with even thicker glass used for the Security model.

The Sport Package included a sport steering wheel, sports seats, sports suspension, “shadow line” exterior trim and unique wood trim for the interior. Some sports models also included a shorter differential ratio and higher stall speed for the torque converter.

The E38 was the first European car to be available with satellite navigation, a system called CARIN jointly developed by BMW and Philips. The in-car entertainment (radio, audio system, satellite navigation, television and communications systems) are part of an automotive communication system called I-bus. A “multi-function” steering wheel, with controls for the audio, phone, cruise control and air recirculation, was standard equipment.

You can find more visual details of the 2001 BMW 740i gallery by scrolling up.


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