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1939 Alfa Romeo 412

The Alfa Romeo 412 Spider Vignale was a racing car built in 1939 with a Touring body then changed in 1951 by Vignale who used a more modern and aerodynamic livery in line with Alfa Romeo style of that period. It took part in different races with the original body but also with the one made by Vignale. You can find more visual details of the 1939 Alfa Romeo 412 gallery by scrolling up.

One-off belonged to Felice Bonetto until 1953, it was sligthly modificated during the years for road use. 412 passed away in the early 1960s.

The 412 was built in 1939 by Touring on the framework of the 8C 2900A. Its engine is the 12-cylinder 4500, the same as the 12C of 1937. It had its debut on May 31, 1939 at the G.P. of Antwerp and it classified first and second thanks to the pilots Giuseppe Farina and Raymond Sommer, and second at the G.P. of Luxembourg in 1939 thanks to Clemente Biondetti.

After the Second World War one of the four examples produced (according to the book wrote by Fusi) was sold to the Swiss Willy Daetwyler, who led it to victory in different mountain competitions and in 1948 won the G.P. of the Bremgarten.

The framework shared with the 8C 2900-A was identified with the number 412151. Probably this number was used to named the car. It was equipped with a 12-cylinder V engine of 4495 cm3, built in two monoblocks of 6 cylinders, which developed up to 430 hp and was turbocharged. It was designed by Vittorio Jano in 1937.

Therefore, the 412s derived from the 12C-37 single-seat, from which they inherited their engine. In 1936, the Grand Prix Alfa Romeos were called 12C-36s and they had an engine of 4,1 liter V12 and a similar, if not identical, car body to the 8C35 of 1935. In 1937 these cars were called 12C-37,

and the engine was increased at 4,5 liters, but on a new and lower framework. On account of the subsequent limitation of the engine size for Gran Prix cars (3 liters), the 12 cylinders of 4500 cc became useless, and were used since 1939 for sports-type races, and for touring cars.
With the Touring car body, the 412151 took part in different races, including the Mille Miglia of 1950 (Bonetto – Casnaghi) and the Targa Florio of 1950.

You can find more visual details of the 1939 Alfa Romeo 412 gallery by scrolling up.

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