2023 Suzuki eWX Concept

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About the Car

2023 Suzuki eWX Concept

2023 Suzuki eWX Concept Mini Wagon EV

The 2023 Suzuki eWX Concept is an electric mini wagon that was unveiled at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Suzuki designed the eWX Concept to be a practical daily use EV that stays close to people's lives.

Exterior and Dimensions

The eWX Concept has a clean, simple exterior design with a friendly character. It is a small crossover EV measuring 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide, and 1,620mm tall. The exterior dimensions make the Suzuki eWX easy to maneuver and park.

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Interior Features

Inside, the eWX Concept has a light and user-friendly cabin aimed at maximizing space. The interior is designed to feel like home with a buddy-like presence.

Range and Charging

Suzuki estimates the driving range to be approximately 230km on a single charge. Further details on charging capabilities are not yet available.

Additional Suzuki EV Plans

The eWX Concept previews Suzuki's future electric vehicle plans. Suzuki is aiming to offer carbon neutral vehicles as part of its multi-pathway approach to carbon neutrality. However, exact details on production plans, pricing, and charging infrastructure have not yet been announced.

In summary, the 2023 Suzuki eWX is an electric mini wagon concept focusing on practical daily use. The crossover EV has a clean, friendly exterior design and spacious, comfortable interior. While full production details are still forthcoming, the eWX Concept provides a glimpse of Suzuki's future EV lineup.


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