2021 Toyota Proace City

2021 Toyota Proace City

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2021 Toyota Proace City

The all-new PROACE City marks Toyota’s entry into the compact van segment, a product that ticks all the boxes when it comes to customers’ priorities for a vehicle that can do the job, without a question. You can find more visual details of the 2021 Toyota Proace City gallery by scrolling up.

It boasts an impressive list of best-in-class qualities, not least where basic load-carrying ability is concerned. That goes for load volume, load length and payload performance, plus the bonus of a 1.5-tonne towing ability. The petrol and diesel powertrains, too, are the most efficient in the model’s segment across the board, in terms of both fuel economy and CO2 emissions – performance that contributes to PROACE City’s strong cost-of-ownership profile. You can find more visual details of the 2021 Toyota Proace City gallery by scrolling up.

2021 Toyota Proace City

Toyota knows that for business people today, a van often has to serve as a mobile office as well as a means of transport. With top-quality connectivity features, impressive active safety systems and a cabin designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, PROACE City conveniently doubles as a well-equipped place of work.
PROACE City, developed in partnership with Groupe PSA, will make a critical contribution to Toyota’s growth targets for its renewed LCV line-up, alongside the Hilux pick-up and PROACE medium duty van, giving the company representation in 75% of the LCV market. It forms a perfect fit with the established PROACE MDV, in terms of size and load volume.

Toyota’s European LCV sales totalled 66,560 units in 2019, aiming to grow the LCV share of Toyota’s total European sales from 6 to 10%.Toyota’s current range of PROACE medium duty vans and the “indestructible” Hilux pick-up give it representation in 37% of the LCV market at present, but the introduction of the PROACE CITY in 2020 will bring the brand into the valuable compact van segment. This currently accounts for more than one third (35.4%, 822,000 annual sales) of the LCV market, Overall. Toyota predicts the LCV market as a whole will reach 2.5 million annual sales by 2020.


  • Best-in-class for payload (1,000 kg) and towing capacity (1,500 kg)
  • Long and short versions, both with best-in-class cargo length capacity and three front seats
  • Short version has best-in-class load capacity, capable of carrying two Europallets
  • Smart Cargo system increases usable load space
  • Crew cab version with second row seats that fold to the floor and adjustable bulkhead

Toyota makes a robust entry into the compact van market with PROACE City boasting best-in-class qualities in terms of cargo length, cargo volume, payload and towing capability. The van is available in short (4,403 mm) and long (4,753 mm) forms – the latter being both longer overall and having a longer wheelbase (2,975 vs 2,785 mm).

Where body styles are concerned, the PROACE City can be specified as a panel or glass van, a crew cab, and as a versatile passenger vehicle.

Both the short and long versions have a cargo area that’s big enough to accommodate two Europallets – capacity that’s rare in the segment. Respective load volumes are 3.3 and 3.9m3, while the one-tonne payload is up to 350 kg greater than some rivals.

If that carrying ability isn’t sufficient, PROACE City also has a best-in-class towing ability, hauling loads of up to 1.5 tonnes with a braked trailer.

Smart Cargo

PROACE City is available with either two individual front seats or a three-seat bench, the latter additionally offering a Smart Cargo option, a handy space-busting feature that’s been adopted from the larger PROACE medium duty van.

The Smart Cargo system uses a folding outer passenger seat and a hatch in the bulkhead to gain an extra 0.4 m of load space and to increase maximum load length by 1.3 m so that items such as ladders and piping can be carried with ease. With Smart Cargo, the short version of PROACE City adds best-in-class load volume to its list of segment-leading qualities.

The system also allows the centre passenger seatback to be rotated to create a handy desk space, together with additional under-seat storage.

Easy access

Accessing the load space is made simple with a choice of asymmetrical rear doors (glazed or unglazed) or a top-hinged tailgate with a handy opening window.

The van can also be fitted with a rear hatch in the roof when longer items need to be carried. This is fitted with a cross-bar that can support up to 100kg.

Crew Cab

The Crew Cab version of PROACE City has all the same hallmarks of usefulness, fitted with a split-folding three-seat bench behind the front seats. When these seats aren’t needed, they can be folded flat to the floor and the mesh bulkhead can be moved forwards, maximising the load space.

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2021 Toyota Proace City Top Front View

2021 Toyota Proace City


  • Six engine options, petrol and diesel covering wide power band
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions
  • Strong cost of ownership profile
  • The range of six powertrains available for PROACE City provides a wealth of options to suit all the driving demands of the compact van segment.

The line-up of two 1.2-litre petrol and four 1.5-litre diesel units covers a power spectrum from 75 to 130 DIN hp and delivers best-in-class performance in terms of both fuel economy and CO2 emissions across the board. For the petrol units, the official figures are from 5.4 l/100 km and 123 g/km, and for the diesels from 4.0 l/100km and 108 g/km.

The transmission choices are five and six-speed manual systems, plus an eight-speed automatic, available with both the petrol and diesel 130 DIN hp engines. The petrol/automatic combination is a particularly proposition for customers who spend most of their time in urban traffic.

The class-leading efficiency of every engine contributes to a strong total ownership cost profile for the new PROACE City. Fuel bills are lower; the low CO2 figures attract tax benefits; and maintenance schedules are up to 40,000 km/two years for diesel models and 25,000 km/two years for petrol versions, reflecting built-in reliability. All new PROACE City vans are covered by a comprehensive warranty package and residual values are expected to be strong, in line with those achieved by the PROACE medium-duty van.


  • Safety packs available for best-in-class protection
  • Advanced equipment features available, including Smart Active Vision, rear-view camera, blind spot monitor and Toyota Traction Select
  • Only van in its class to offer head-up display
  • Best-in-class infotainment system

Today’s business people need their van to be much more than simply a means of transport; often it also has to serve as their office when they are on the move. The new PROACE City reflects customer priorities for safety connectivity and ease of use with design and equipment features that raise the vehicle’s all-round practicality and functionality to a higher level.

Best-in-class safety features

PROACE City adopts some of the latest active safety and driver assistance systems found on passenger cars, ensuring the driver is warned of imminent collision risks and given automatic, immediate support to help avoid an accident or lessen the consequences if an impact happens. The provisions include some systems not found on any of the Toyota’s competitor models.

Three Safety Pack options are available, providing progressively higher and more sophisticated levels of protection. At entry level, Safety Pack 1 includes a Pre-Collision System, Road Sign Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Cruise Control and a “coffee cup” alert that recommends the driver takes a break if they have spent a long time at the wheel.

The content is increased in Safety Pack 2, with Automatic High Beam, Sway Warning and an extended Road Sign Assist system, while the most comprehensive Safety Pack 3 further adds Adaptive Cruise Control and a Blind Spot Monitor. All models also come with eCall for automatic connection with the emergency services in the event of a serious accident.Safety and ease of manoeuvring are supported by a rear-view camera (part of the Visio Pack, available for both van and passenger versions) that provides both a 180-degree and overhead dynamic images of the area behind the vehicle, and a static view covering an even wider (180-degree-plus) area. A Blind Spot Monitor warns the driver of other road users moving in their blind spot with an alert in the display audio screen.

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2021 Toyota Proace City Interior

2021 Toyota Proace City

Smart Active Vision

PROACE City offers a higher level of driver support with its new Smart Active Vision system for the van range. This uses two dedicated cameras and a ceiling-mounted five-inch screen to relay a clear, real-time view behind and alongside the vehicle – effectively letting the driver see through the metal panels. A long-distance rear view can be selected when moving or stationary, or a short-distance view when reversing. The image displayed can also be switched to the blind spot on the passenger side of the vehicle, so that the driver can manoeuvre with confidence, aware of cyclists or hazards outside their line of sight.

Unique-in-class head-up display

PROACE City is the only model in its class to offer customers the option of a head-up display. This colour system, available both van and passenger versions, projects key vehicle data, including speed limits, current speed and safety warnings onto the base of the windscreen, directly in front of the driver.

Toyota Traction Select

For owners who regularly have to drive their van over rough ground, such as building sites, PROACE City is available with Toyota Traction Select. This adapts the vehicle’s performance to suit a range of different driving conditions. Using a rotary controller located next to the gear shift, the driver can switch between Normal, Snow, Sand and All-terrain modes, as the conditions demand.

Connectivity and infotainment

The package of connectivity and infotainment features available for the new PROACE City is another best-in-class offer, giving owners everything they need to keep in touch while on the move. Simple, central control of audio and smartphone functions is provided by an eight-inch touchscreen, with phone integration made easy via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Bluetooth and USB/Aux-in connects are also provided.

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The system can be upgraded to provide navigation with 3D graphics, voice command control and connection to useful online services, such as route planning, local weather, parking and fuel availability and traffic information (via TomTom Traffic). Owners can also specify a wireless smartphone charger for their vehicle – another feature unique to PROACE City in its segment.

Making life easy

The new PROACE City has been designed for ease-of-use throughout, going beyond the fundamental benefits of its capacious, easy-to-access loadspace to cover the details that make for comfortable, relaxed day-to-day driving.

As an example, the electric parking brake isn’t just useful, it also frees up more legroom for the centre passenger when the three-seat front bench is fitted. The same kind of thinking has produced 16 different storage points around the cabin, ranging from a small coin holder and cup holders to a 15-litre space in the centre console.

Smart Load Indicator

The Smart Load Indicator takes all the guesswork out of calculating when the PROACE City’s load limit has been reached. Another unique feature, this smart system monitors the shock absorber compression and indicates when 90% of the load weight limit has been reached. When the maximum load has been reached or exceeded, a warning is triggered in the driver’s instrument binnacle.

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  • Short and long versions
  • Flexible interior with seating for up to seven in both versions
  • Extensive storage points, including under-seat, under-floor
  • Height-adjustable boot shelf can carry up to 25 kg
  • Equipment features/options include panoramic roof, ambient light guides and roof storage points

PROACE City is also available in passenger car form, a version that will appeal to customers who have to use their vehicle for business and for personal transport. Once again, ingenious design allows for five or seven-seat configurations in both the short and long versions.

The second row seats can be specified as a 60:40 split-folding bench, or as three individual seats, each one fitted with Isofix fixings – a unique option in the vehicle’s class. The second row seats and front passenger seat can both be folded flat and two seats in the third row can be removed, maximising load space when the vehicle is being used for business purposes.

The clever touches include under-seat and under-floor storage and an adjustable shelf in the boot which can be moved between two different positions.

You can find more visual details of the 2021 Toyota Proace City gallery by scrolling up.


2021 Toyota Proace City Side View

2021 Toyota Proace City

Strong enough to take loads up to 25 kg, it can keep fragile items separate from other cargo. It is also easy to access, thanks to the opening window in the tailgate.Options for the passenger version include a panoramic roof, ambient cabin lighting, LED reading lights and aircraft-style storage lockers in the roof.


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