2020 Suzuki Across

2020 Suzuki Across

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2020 Suzuki Across

Suzuki launches ACROSS, a new robust and sporty SUV, equipped with a sophisticated plug-in hybrid system and 4×4 E-Four all-wheel drive, capable of guaranteeing performance and efficiency in reducing fuel consumption and emissions without compromise, with style and qualities of a flagship. You can find more visual details of the 2020 Suzuki Across gallery by scrolling up.

ACROSS is the first model supplied by Toyota Motor Corporation under the collaboration agreement between Suzuki and Toyota. The agreement has already given rise to the cross-supply of models destined for important markets in different geographical areas.

Orders are expected to open in Europe in the autumn of 2020.

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Strengths of ACROSS

An extraordinary SUV design
Designed to stand out with a robust line based on clear polygons, which combines the characteristic strength of an SUV with a sporty front dominated by a large grille.

Performance Plug-in Hybrid at the top of the category
Moved by a highly sophisticated Plug-in hybrid system, which guarantees superior efficiency and low CO₂ emissions, combined with a rapid and fluid response to the accelerator.

Advanced 4×4 capacity
Equipped with the 4×4 E-Four all-wheel drive system, it ensures high off-road performance in maximum efficiency, for handling and control that provide safety even in conditions of low grip.


An extraordinary SUV

Exterior design
Characterized by a sporty and characterful design, ACROSS presents robust polygonal lines on the entire surface that outline a strong and decisive profile. A large sporty front grille and a bumper with silver details protruding at the bottom help to define the car’s impressive and unmistakable front.
The equipment includes sophisticated dual-beam LED headlamps, which combine high beam, dipped beam and LED daytime running lights and premium 19-inch alloy wheels with a glossy black finish and a distinctive diamond surface.

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2020 Suzuki Across Front View

2020 Suzuki Across

Body colors
ACROSS is available in six different colors: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica, Sensual Red Mica, Gray Metallic and Dark Blue Mica.

Interior design
The interior of ACROSS expresses comfort and luxury and conveys safety to the driver as well as to the passengers. Saddlery and inserts of high build quality are completed by soft touch padding on the dashboard and door panels.
To further enhance the experience on board the driver and passengers, there is a 9 ”touchscreen display equipped with multistandard CarPlay, Android auto and MirrorLink integration systems.

Loading space
Adding uncompromising cargo space to a passenger compartment designed for high comfort for the occupants of both rows of seats. The large 490-liter boot * 1 ensures all desirable cargo space.
To underline the versatility, on the right side of the boot, there is a 220V electrical outlet and an accessory socket.
ACROSS is also equipped with a series of comfortable storage compartments including side pockets for driver and passenger, a central compartment, drinks holder and a large central box / console.
* 1 Measured by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method.


Performance Plug-in Hybrid at the top of the category

hybrid system The ACROSS plug-in hybrid system guarantees unparalleled fuel efficiency and acceleration fluidity, with CO₂ emissions of only 22g / km * 2 .
At the center of the plug-in hybrid system is a powerful electric motor in the front position which ensures vigorous torque at low speeds, combined with a high-performance 2.5l heat engine for quick acceleration at high speeds.

With a maximum output of 134kW (182HP) of power and 270Nm of torque, the electric motor is powered by a 18.1KWh (50.9Ah) high-capacity lithium-ion battery, positioned under the floor for the benefit of the distribution of the masses.
Coupled to the electric motor there is a thermal engine (Dynamic Force A25A-FXS) which provides assistance, if necessary, to the traction of the electric motor during high-speed driving and performs the functions of battery charger if the state of charge requires it.
Designed to ensure at the same time high power and fuel efficiency, the thermal engine is characterized by a long stroke and a high compression ratio, by a double injection (in the cylinders and intake ducts) which varies according to the driving conditions. to increase power by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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2020 Suzuki Across Interior

2020 Suzuki Across
ACROSS has four selectable driving modes:

  • EV mode (default);
  • Auto EV / HV mode;
  • HV mode;
  • Battery charger mode.

The driver can select each mode based on the driving conditions and the battery charge status.
In EV Mode, traction is provided entirely by the electric motor even in full acceleration. In Auto EV / HV mode and in HV mode, the heat engine contributes to traction when necessary, such as when the accelerator pedal is pressed hard.
To store energy for the purely electric mode, when the charge is low, the battery charger mode uses the thermal engine to recharge the battery.
* 2 Measured according to the WLTP standard


Advanced 4×4 capabilities
The advanced 4×4 E-Four all-wheel drive system from ACROSS guarantees the driver true 4×4 performance, combined with superior fuel efficiency.
The system is equipped with an independent 40kW electric motor on the rear axle, able to work in combination with the front motor for a torque distribution ranging from 100: 0 to 20:80.
Among the benefits of this system, excellent traction in the starting phase on low grip surfaces such as snowy roads, and responsiveness and safety on bends even with uneven grip.


AWD Integrated Management (AIM)
At the heart of the 4×4 E-Four all-wheel drive system is the sophisticated AWD Integrated Management (AIM) which controls not only the distribution of traction but also the control of the throttle body, the shift times, the adjustment of the electronic power steering (EPS) and power brake, according to driving conditions.

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2020 Suzuki Across SIde View

2020 Suzuki Across

Trail Mode
Trail Mode is the name of the limited slip differential control system that ensures the best grip on slippery surfaces.
The system works by applying braking force to the wheels that begin to lose grip, redistributing torque to the gripping wheels. The system adjusts both the power delivery and the shift points of the automatic transmission to maintain traction.

Advanced safety systems and technological contents
Fully equipped with the most advanced systems, ACROSS offers safety and peace of mind to the driver and passengers. Key elements include driver assistance functions such as the Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), which use millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera. .

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
The PCS helps prevent impacts with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists by monitoring the road in front of the vehicle with a millimeter-wave radar and a monocular video camera, providing brake assistance or braking automatically if necessary.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)
When the LTA system detects an involuntary deviation from the lane on a fast-moving road or a road marked by side stripes, it supports steering movement to return the car to the center of its lane.

Road Sign Assist (RSA)
The RSA system recognizes road signs and reports them on the multifunction display.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
The DRCC works at any speed and automatically maintains the safety distance from the vehicle in front, until the machine stops and then restarts automatically.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
The BSM warns the driver when a vehicle enters or remains in the blind spots behind the car.

Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (RCTA)
The RCTA helps the driver avoid impacts when reversing when exiting parking. When it detects that a vehicle is arriving in the blind spot, it warns the driver with a buzzer which at the same time indicates the approach direction of the other vehicle.

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2020 Suzuki Across Rear View 3/4

2020 Suzuki Across

If the car is involved in an accident, the eCall system warns the emergency services with a telephone message that includes the exact location of the vehicle.

Brake Hold
When the car comes to a stop at a traffic light, the electric parking brake keeps the vehicle in position avoiding moving forward or backward, until the driver presses the accelerator again.





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