2019 Lynk & Co 01 Update

2019 Lynk & Co 01 Update

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2019 Lynk & Co 01 Update

Lynk & Co confirmed that its latest 01 model update was developed by the participation and response of current Lynk & Co users.

Staying true to its foundations of being open and challenging, Lynk & Co continues to have an open dialogue with like-minded consumers globally. This consumer centric approach is an ever evolving part of the global mobility brand as it paves the way towards Europe.

Thanks to its bold customer-oriented focus, the Lynk & Co 01 now comes with a raft of new updates. Ten new features, from ergonomic amendments like an adjustable centre console armrest, to altering the look by modifying the lower front grille, are all part of a collaborative effort between consumer and brand. The 01 model update is engineered from feedback of over 110,000 users allowing Lynk & Co to adapt and create a refreshed solution.

This chapter of collaboration continues as the brand gears up to a full-scale launch of its urban mobility offering to Europe in 2020. Lynk & Co is taking extra effort in finding the crazy ideas of today that can be the brilliant solutions of tomorrow, and it is adapting the offering accordingly, all in line with its Co:lab platform. A core promise of Lynk & Co’s progress as a disruptive game changer is to welcome ideas from everyone – whether they are from full stack developers or the digitally illiterate – and to be the springboard to turn these ideas into reality.

Alain Visser, International CEO of Lynk & Co, said: “We are just living up to our brand’s philosophy of being open and challenging in every element. We have always been customer centric. Our overriding aim is to listen. This is the best way to provide better products and a more innovative ownership experience. The consumers know what they want, we need to deliver and elevate to generate that genuine “Wow!”

Creating further synergies with the consumers, along with the need for all companies to work towards sustainability, all Lynk & Co derivatives will be electrified when they launch into key European urban hubs next year. Lynk & Co also confirmed that, in its quest to become a global lifestyle brand and reshape the global automotive market, it will begin to offer its products to a wider global market.

After it successfully started to roll out Co:lab, Lynk & Co has collaborated with users on suggestions and critiques on its models and the industry. Lynk & Co models already boast high-quality connectivity, unrivalled technology, a sleek, modern interior and exterior design, but thanks to this new collaborative approach, any idea – no matter how crazy – can be voted on and brought into the brand program. All helping in the push to break down the boundaries and create the ‘new normal’ in changing mobility forever.

Born global, designed and engineered by an international team in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lynk & Co has a European heart and soul. In early 2019, Lynk & Co announced unprecedented numbers for a new brand in its first year, closing the book on the year with 120,414 cars rolling on the streets in 2018. It is the world’s most first new mobility brand, dedicated to offering unparalleled in-car connectivity, vehicle sharing, online sales, and a true subscription model of usership.

The Lynk & Co 01 has 10 new feature adjustments to align with consumer response, they are:

  • Fully adjustable centre console armrest
  • Seat improvement
  • Add lights to the wireless charging panel
  • The interior rear door latch to open on double pull
  • Modify the placement of the lower grille
  • A retractable parcel shelf
  • Capless fuel filling
  • Light for the USB port in the rear console
  • Frameless inside rearview mirror
  • Reclining wheel function switched to lever