1975 BMW 3.3Li E30

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1975 BMW 3.3Li E30

The two initial models, introduced in 1968 and sold through 1977, were the 2.5 L 2500 and 2.8 L 2800. The Bavaria used the 2.8 L engine with some interior features stripped out for a price point well-below the 2500. In the US market, the pricing of the line ranged from US$5,000 for the Bavaria to $6,874 for the full-featured 2800. You can find more visual details of the 1975 BMW 3.3Li gallery by scrolling up.

They were roomy 6-cylinder cars that handled well and impressed contemporary reviewers. Road & Track called the Bavaria “delightful” and “superb”, concluding that it was “one of the world’s best buys”. The big-bore 3.0S was introduced in 1971. It was more powerful and expensive than the 2800; a fuel-injected version was also made. Also produced were long-wheelbase L models (3.0L, 3.3Li, etc.), whose sharp handling was a stark contrast to the large Mercedes-Benz models of the time. Langley Motors in Thames Ditton UK also produced an estate (tourer) version.

The E23 BMW 7-series was nearly offered with a 96-horsepower 1.6 liter four-cylinder as its base engine. Despite the objections of the engineers, marketing still believed the 3500-lb car would be successful. BMW engineers, however, convinced them otherwise by staging a series of drag races with a Volkswagen, which the 716i lost.

You can find more visual details of the 1975 BMW 3.3Li gallery by scrolling up.


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